Friday, June 26, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 44

This week has been a ton better than the past several.

My leg infection is much better. It is still painful when the dressing has to be changed every night. I go back to the Dr Tuesday and I am praying that everything looks good and normal and I can stop having to pack my leg with gauze. My husband is amazing and has changed my packing every day, without him I don't know what I would have done.

This week we will actually be doing a small amount of school tomorrow! Yes, on Saturday! We are trying very hard to get Mystery of History Volume 1 complete with only 6 more lessons. I can't begin to tell you how much I have loved using this program. I already have Volume 2 for September. 

 Zachary is also on his last lesson in Math U See Gamma. He has really loved mileage and tons. We started plowing through All About Spelling with force! We started last week mid week and we are today on lesson 12. It was a great review and although some lessons still give him a little trouble he did wonderful. Some days his dyslexia just can't let his brain, mouth and eyes work together. He gets so frustrated. The last 2 weeks I have prayed a lot about his therapy being denied for the second go round and after talking to the therapist she recommended that we start completely over and review everything with some of the techniques that she taught us.

Kyle is trying very hard to finish up Biology 101. He also finishes Drivers Ed next week! He has done so great on his tests ( I have to brag - 85, 90, 92, 96, 97) and Tuesday is his final test. I am proud of the way he has conducted himself. I am also very proud that he comes home talking about the things he sees what short time he is there that isn't appropriate! That means everything we have taught has actually sunk in.

Alexis has 4 more lessons in Grammar. She has had some issues this week with getting along with certain people.

This week I have struggled with some emotions related to our foster son. News of situations and changes that affect him weight on my mind for the well being of him. I am proud of my family for treating him so kindly.

 I have made lunch and cleaned for Kevin's parents some this week. I hate to see his mom in such poor health and even though our relationship through the years has been some what horrible I would hope that if the situation was reversed she would do the same for my family. 

We have been swimming a few more times this week. I am sad that I can't get in because of my leg.

My favorite meal this week has been Hamburger Steak and a baked potato. I know it seems silly but oh man was I craving it and it was delicious. 

Sunday was Father's Day and of all days for our water pump to act up it did. My daddy and Grandpaw came down to help Kevin see what was wrong and after a few hours they figured it out. I am thankful for family that can help when needed. That was true selflessness and that exactly what Father's are.

Next week will be so odd. I am so nervous about sending Kyle and Lexi to Church Camp, they have never went anywhere for a week without me. I couldn't think of a more wonderful place to send them though. I know they will have a blast. I have something planned for Zachary and I that I hope he enjoys. 

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tales from the Circle C Ranch { Review }

My daughter has been in love with horses for several years now so anything horse is a wonderful addition to her life.

We welcomed Circle C Adventures into our household a year or so ago with some of the beginner books Circle C Beginnings from Susan Marlow. My daughter enjoyed them greatly. I was recently asked from the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review the newest addition to the Circle C Adventure - Tales from the Circle C Ranch, needless to say my daughter was very happy!

The book itself is a 150 pages. The print is a very nice size for my young reader. The physical book cost is $7.99. We also received Tales from the Circle C Ranch Lapbook, the cost of that item is different depending on what format you want but in our case the digital download was $7.00.

Tales of the Circle C Ranch Bookk Review

The book is separated into part one and part two for the early years and the in between years of Andi, whom the main character is within the Circle C books. The book has 11 different stories. Alexis is 11 and loves horses so this was a book that she really enjoyed reading. Her favorite stories are White Christmas & Virginia's Riding Lesson. Lexi laughed saying that they get into more trouble and crazy situations than we do! She also liked how Virginia was someone Andi didn't like but still helped and it turned out pretty good. With the book being set in the 1800's it has a lot about ranch life and there is actually a lot of history written within the stories too!

Alexis read a little here and there, I have never been one that really has to make her read. She knew it was a review and I asked her to finish the book by a certain date and tell me her thoughts. She was finished in 2 weeks. She loves to read and then when you add something that she loves into that it is simply a great fit.

This is a companion book to the previous books, however it is still a stand alone book. This book answers readers questions from the earlier books about family, situations and life.

The stories are varied in length, some days she would read 2 chapters and others just 1. 

She loved all the drama and action in the stories. 

She liked how this wasn't one long book, but several different stories in one. (short stories)

Lexi said Andi's family sounded really fun and adventurous.

Lexi actually read one of the stories to my smallest son, Snakes Alive. We all agree that this is not just a girl book, it could very easily be read as a family read aloud for boys and girls to enjoy.

Now a little about the lapbook, Lexi believes she is too old for lapbooks so we did not use that resource however it complements the book wonderfully. 

You cover the history of photographs, general stores, snakes and the history of fireworks! There is so much fun to study within the lapbook that I hope I can talk her into skimming through it soon.

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Wordless Wednesday Week 44

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shrimp Scampi { YUM }

I love seafood however I will totally admit I have only cooked with shrimp a few times my entire life. Something about it just has always scared me. So while picking up some salmon (my favorite) last week I grabbed a bag of scrimp too.

I was ready, ready to try something different and fresh and I believe I totally accomplished that with this dish.

It was FAST & EASY but my favorite was it being fast. I believe it only took about 20 minutes to cook from beginning to end.

Your gonna need to get some onion & garlic started in a pan with half a stick of butter. 

Let that cook for about 2 minutes then your gonna put in your shrimp. I used peeled & deveined shrimp but they did have a tail the first time but the second time I cooked this I found peeled, deveined and no tail. 

Next, I added a little EVOO and juice from 3 lemons.

Salt and pepper and let it cook for just about 2/3 minutes and I covered and removed from the heat.

Now your gonna need boiling water to add some angel hair pasta too!

As soon as those 8ish minutes are done get the noodles and place into the shrimp!

I stirred it all around and topped with Parsley and Parmesan - Can you say YUM?

My children and husband absolutely loved this dish.

It was a very light but filling dish and I loved that it was so easy and fast for my busy days.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 43

This week has been very interesting. I have had an infection in my leg and yesterday it had to be lanced and drained and I will be totally honest. IT HURT. I am in pain and it was said it could take up to 3 weeks for the pain to go away and up to 7 for it to heal! Prayers are greatly appreciated considering walking and standing is very difficult for me.

Homeschooling this week was very relaxed. Zachary is working on finishing up his Math U See Gamma and working on his reading skills. Kyle is still trying to complete Biology and Math U See Algebra and Lexi is trying hard to get her Growing With Grammar complete. All of them only have a few lessons left to complete. They have been reading more and working on drilling simple facts that need to stay in their mind.

We have been sad that 2 weeks in a row we have missed out volunteering at the food panty. I am sure they miss us terribly. 

Zachary my smallest has truly been a sweet helper since I came home yesterday all cut up and in pain. The boy hasn't left my side but for sleeping and mowing the grass. He wouldn't even go swimming today because he wanted to stay with me. Bless that heart of his.

This week I was personally trying to work on getting some freezer meals together for our family but also for hubby's parents.

My favorite meal I cooked this week was Bowtie Chicken! YUM it is always one of my favorites.

I rewarded the kiddos with a swimming trip and Kyle got new shirts that he just found hilarious (teenagers).

Honestly, this week I have just skimmed through. It has been a rough week. I had hopes of taking the kiddos to Dollywood again but with my leg issues I totally can not.

I do have a place picked out about an hour away that I want to visit and explore so that will be very soon - well as soon as I can walk!

Father's Day is Sunday and I am so very thankful for my dad. I am also thankful for the father my husband is to our children. I am so proud of the man he is, he has grown so much since we were 16 and 20.

I did have some heartbreak this week related to therapy Zachary had been getting but we will prevail.

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