Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rodeo 2016

We hadn't been to a rodeo in almost 8 years so we decided on a whim to go! 

The kids had no idea and got quite a surprise! 

Everyone enjoyed it. 

The weather was wonderful, a little cooler so everyone could actually breathe and it was a beautiful full moon.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Field Trip - Triple Falls

This was a beautiful hike, along the way we enjoyed a picnic on some huge rocks we came across.

We played in the water although we had no intentions of doing so lol.

I love getting into nature with my family and having fun! 

Our foster babies where with us but I can't post pictures of them but just take my word for it they had a blast, it was their first picnic and they loved playing in the water.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Catch Up Week #40

Life is so busy I just can't keep up!
We have been having a small break. 
Kevin graduated so he is also on break right now.
We had a funeral, my mother in law passed away.
So my life has been very hectic but I love it.

Our boys finished baseball season as #1!

Painting the house, more pictures to come!

 Field Trip to Triple Falls. It was beautiful and we had a picnic on some huge rocks.

Girls night out for Lexi and I - We loved watching Alice through the looking glass!

 Baby girl had her piano recital, she played a beautiful classical piece and done wonderfully. This is her second recital.

The garden is doing awesome.

Swimming is our favorite thing to do in the summer. Lets just say we are swimming a lot.

 Rodeo? Yes yes we will! We had a blast.

Father's Day!! I am so thankful for my husband and the father he is to our children. God sure knew what he was doing because I sure haven't. I am thankful and blessed greatly by the man he is. My daddy is an awesome one too! I enjoy and cherish the moments that I have with him.

Here was a very short catch up! 
Look for more soon, but with it being summer break just don't hold your breath! 


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tv Stand Project

Oh how I am in love with this piece, even before I did anything to it, I loved the lines and shape of it. 

Long story short I asked my husband if I came up with several hundred dollars would he allow me to buy new to me furniture and redo it... He said yes, soooooo I sold almost everything I could find that I wanted to replace with new pieces and made over $450 to go on a hunt!

Luckily, I had a connection to a wonderful man that had a warehouse full of stuff that I was searching for and he had great prices.

I bought 3 dressers, 4 small side tables, 1 iron bed, 1 iron bed headboard, 2 chairs and a mirror. 

I went with a plan and overall done wonderful with my purchases. Hubby was right there with me and was very encouraging and helpful. 

The TV stand was something I went looking for. I had seen several on pinterest that had turned a dresser into a tv stand and that is where my inspiration came from. 

I scrubbed the piece with sandpaper and then went over it with a wet cloth to remove any residue left.

I had already decided that I was going to make my own chalk paint. I picked a turquoise color and got my supplies which was very easy: Paint, Plaster of Paris and Water!

 First coat. 

Second coat - The chalk paint went on thick and beautifully. Very pleased with it. I stained the top an aged leather wood color that I have at different point throughout my home.

And ta-da!! LOVE IT.

I love the legs I love how my husband helped get the electronics in the drawers like I asked. I just simply am very happy with the way this turned out!