Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 11 - First Week Back

This is our week 11 of school this year, this years school schedule is going great, 8 weeks school 2 weeks off. We are having a blast! The workboxes are my favorite and a true lifesaver for me! I love Sue Patrick!! Here is what is going on with us this week:


Unit Study on Animals(Science) - this study is lasting our whole 8 weeks, we are learning classifications of mammals, insects, fish, birds, etc. Learning about what makes them different and why... And going a little more in depth on certain ones that are of interest. Making Lap books, mini books and stories on some.

MOH - We are on Week 6: Hammurabi, The Israelites in slavery & China and The Shang Dynasty...

Tuesday Only: Spanish(learning colors, numbers & greetings) Crafts (this week we made a Halloween Spider Web)

Read Aloud this Week: The Family Under the Bridge



MUS- Lesson 13 this week
AAS Level 2 Step 2 & 3, Reader also one story per lesson...
Easy Grammar: Learning Direct Objects(what the verb is doing)
Easy Writing: On level 2 of combining subjects and sentences.
Writing: Cursive connecting.
Assorted Take it to your Seats this week...
Reading: Magic Tree House - Book 5 Night of the Ninjas!!


MUS: Lesson 12
AAS Level 1 Step 24, Reader also one story per lesson...
Easy Grammar: Forming Sentences and Proper Punctuation.
Writing: Basic Formation, trying to get it neater!!
Reading: Junie B Jones and her Big Fat Mouth!
Assorted games and puzzles from homeschoolshare & file folders to reinforce concepts in a fun way!


MUS: Lesson 13
ABC's: Still missing 6 normally
Numbers: Up to 20 with recognition, starting up to 30
Writing: Still getting basics down with each ABC
AAS: starting phonogram sounds
Assorted games, puzzles and file folders to reinforce concepts in a fun way!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kids Play Finally Uploaded!!

Sorry It took so long, but with the break from school we really did devote most time to each other and not other things!
I really hope that you enjoy there short but silly play they performed with there homemade puppets!!

Back 2 School for us!! Break Over

Today was the end of our 2 week break, we have had a wonderful break spending time together and with family! Over our 2 weeks we have went to the Zoo, spent along time with Grandparents and also had a trip to the NC State Fair, had picnics and play time with special friends! The kids favorite trip was to the Zoo because they had a straw maze sat up to explore and all kind of other goodies to do as well... We went slowly and really had a blast!

Its truely been a wonderful break, all worth while! Its so wonderful to hear the kids ask me -- Mommy when are we starting school back? -- Only other homeschool mommas can understand the joy that brings to your heart!!

We also had revivial during our break at church so that was a wonderful treat!

Today was our first day back to school and it went wonderfully well!! I was glad to see such excitement from the kids that school started back! They are still reading wonderful and spelling is going great, they really didn't forget anything over our 2 week period! Thats why I think this routine is really going to stick with us... 8 weeks school 2 weeks off!! We are loving it so much!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Green Eggs & Ham ~ Yummy

My children love this book!! Sitting at the breakfast table with daddy reading Green Eggs & Ham. Since we are not having school this week I have had alittle extra time to have some fun... We ate Green Eggs & Ham today for breakfast!! I just put alittle food coloring into our farm fresh eggs and they was as green as Sam I Am's! The kids loved it! At first Zac wasn't gonna eat them but then after Kevin started reading the book he got started right away! I love doing fun things like this with my kids because that's what makes memories! Just wanted to share our fun morning breakfast with you all! We start school back next week, Our break has went wonderful! The kids actually have missed school!! WOOHOO that means I am doing something right this year! AMEN!!!!!!!!! May God Bless you this week!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Apple Unit Study - Finished Up Week 8

To finish up Week 8 we completed an Apple Unit Study. This was a ton of fun, we learned some wonderful facts about apple's and taste tested different types to see what the difference was and which was our favorites! I too learned some interesting facts, as normal! I love teaching my children all together with subjects that really are involved in our normal life. We have an apple tree and every year at this time we are able to pick and make apple pies, applesauce or fruit. So to actually be able to use this information is very helpful and more beneficial to us!
The Unit Study was from Currclick and the publisher is homeschool bits... Here is the link: http://www.currclick.com/product_info.php?products_id=32365&src=social_media_link&it=1&sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4cae43793fcf97bd%2C0
Lexi's favorite apple was the Red Delicious...

Kyle's favorite was the Granny Smith because ofcourse he likes sour things!
Zac and I liked the Gala the best! Sweetest and very soft!

Here are there lapbooks.
We had many neat things that we learned about threw out Johnny Appleseed, the life span of an apple tree, how many seeds was normally inside an apple! They had cute activities to do as well, that's the fun in the lapbook studies is that you have something cool to show for doing the work and learning!

My children love the game Memory... So in this unit there was a print out for the game memory but with the different types of apples! The kids played this for an hour!!

I would recommend this set to anyone, it was fun and didn't take long to complete! My kids retain the information and that's all that matters to me! Fun learning = Lasting Memory.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fruit Loop Graph ~ Kinder Fun

Friday was a fun day with Zac. We love eating Fruit Loops(not in milk) its just one of those things that is good to do! I blog many times about Homeschool Share because I enjoy there resources so very much! No, I do not get any reimbursement from them for all the wonderfully nice things I say about them! I do it because I enjoy getting there wonderful creative activities to enjoy with my children for FREE -- Yes Free! That makes it all worth while for me! I have made many new friends at there forum.

So Friday we played with our newest activity from homeschoolshare.com -
The Fruit Loop Graph Chart.
This was fun for Zachary and me! He told me before we started that Green was going to win! LOL, can you guess which is his favorite color? Yes Green!

I started by printing it off there site, laminating it, and then pouring a bowl of Fruit Loops for Zac to play with. He needs some help with counting still so this is something that is fun and doesn't really feel like work. I did however keep fussing(not really) at him for eating all the colors, so that green would win! :) Counting is something that I just can't drill enough right now, I need to know that he understands his numbers before we move on to addition and subtraction. He is doing so much better with recognizing his numbers, which is wonderful, he is moving along at a great pace I feel. I just again want to be confident that I am doing all I can in a fun way to motivate him to play with his numbers and understand them in play...because in play is the best way for him to retain them!

Friday, October 8, 2010

My son and PKU

Many of you know that my son Kyle(9) has a disease called PKU(Phenylketonuria), I would like to show you a little more about his daily routine. I have blogged about his disease many times and also have a PKU facebook page because the state of NC started to cut funding so we all had to band together!

Mornings - Make milk(prescription formula). This milk is a necessity to a PKU dieter! They must have this milk, without the milk they will become metabolically unstable and can (will over long period) become mentally retarded. This is the most important part of his day!

This is his milk - Phenex 2

This is Kyle making his recipe for his daily dose of milk.


Another thing he also has to take is his PKU medication - KUVAN. This is a new thing for us that started about 3 months ago. This medicine is wonderful, and for those of you that know me understand that's hard for me to say!! I never take a Tylenol!! LOL.... The Kuvan lowers the blood phe level! Kuvan functions just like BH4, which is a substance that naturally occurs in the body. High Phe levels are toxic to the brain that's why its so very important to keep his diet under control. I would never risk the safety of my sons health! NEVER! His diet is a daily part of our life, Its handled with the most of care!

Some days he will dissolve in apple juice and others he eats with apple sauce.
Kyle gets 22 protein grams daily. To ensure our calculations are done properly we keep a daily food journal. I wrote it until he was about 6/7 then we started making him be responsible for keeping up with it. After all it will always be a part of his life, so we have to make sure that he understands that he must do this every day. Everything that goes into his mouth is wrote down on this journal, from an apple to gum... Everything!
Kyle understands that he is special because God made him this way, my son loves the Lord and I know that the battles he will face as he grows to maintain this life, so I pray that the Lord watches over him and helps him continue to have this positive attitude!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kids Produced a Play ~ LOL

Tuesday the kids and I had craft time! We made paper bag puppets! Of course you have to have a play after you make puppets! So that's exactly what they did! They produced a cute little play! LOL it was hilarious! They rushed because they knew daddy was coming home and wanted it ready as soon as he walked in the door!!

Here are the pics of the puppets! Below is the video link!


Kyle snapped the pic of me! Mine is a cat.

Kyle made a monster.

Lexi made a unicorn.

Zac made a puppy dog.

The kids enjoyed making these puppets so much they asked if they could make some more after words, so they are on a roll with new puppets, I wouldn't be surprised if they have another play before we know it!

Its so entertaining to watch you kids do something out of there comfort zone, it helps them broaden there horizons, and we all know that's a great thing for kids to do! The last several years we have went to several plays at a local college that offers this service and we have always had a ball. I don't even think the kids have ever thought about making there own though!

VIDEO OF Kids Puppet Play:
Well it didn't work -- I will try again later!

Magic Tree House Lapbook Special

Hey Guys, my little ones love the Magic Tree House series. If yours do as well here is a special on a Halloween one! Lapbooks are wonderful, if you have never tried one now is the time!! The lapbook is only $1.49. This is for MTH book #30 ~ Haunted Castle on Hallow's Eve. This is a special - limited time offer good until October 15th!

Discount code is 60596 if you go straight to currclick site or you can just use this link below.

Here is the purchase link: http://www.currclick.com/shopping_cart.php?products_id=42223&discounts_id=60596&it=1

Fun Halloween Video

This is just plain fun! A great friend pasted this along to me after she made one and ofcourse I had to make one... This was so funny as we watched we laughted so hard we cried!! You have to make one for your kids!
Happy Halloween!!