Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Apple Unit Study - Finished Up Week 8

To finish up Week 8 we completed an Apple Unit Study. This was a ton of fun, we learned some wonderful facts about apple's and taste tested different types to see what the difference was and which was our favorites! I too learned some interesting facts, as normal! I love teaching my children all together with subjects that really are involved in our normal life. We have an apple tree and every year at this time we are able to pick and make apple pies, applesauce or fruit. So to actually be able to use this information is very helpful and more beneficial to us!
The Unit Study was from Currclick and the publisher is homeschool bits... Here is the link:
Lexi's favorite apple was the Red Delicious...

Kyle's favorite was the Granny Smith because ofcourse he likes sour things!
Zac and I liked the Gala the best! Sweetest and very soft!

Here are there lapbooks.
We had many neat things that we learned about threw out Johnny Appleseed, the life span of an apple tree, how many seeds was normally inside an apple! They had cute activities to do as well, that's the fun in the lapbook studies is that you have something cool to show for doing the work and learning!

My children love the game Memory... So in this unit there was a print out for the game memory but with the different types of apples! The kids played this for an hour!!

I would recommend this set to anyone, it was fun and didn't take long to complete! My kids retain the information and that's all that matters to me! Fun learning = Lasting Memory.

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