Monday, October 25, 2010

Back 2 School for us!! Break Over

Today was the end of our 2 week break, we have had a wonderful break spending time together and with family! Over our 2 weeks we have went to the Zoo, spent along time with Grandparents and also had a trip to the NC State Fair, had picnics and play time with special friends! The kids favorite trip was to the Zoo because they had a straw maze sat up to explore and all kind of other goodies to do as well... We went slowly and really had a blast!

Its truely been a wonderful break, all worth while! Its so wonderful to hear the kids ask me -- Mommy when are we starting school back? -- Only other homeschool mommas can understand the joy that brings to your heart!!

We also had revivial during our break at church so that was a wonderful treat!

Today was our first day back to school and it went wonderfully well!! I was glad to see such excitement from the kids that school started back! They are still reading wonderful and spelling is going great, they really didn't forget anything over our 2 week period! Thats why I think this routine is really going to stick with us... 8 weeks school 2 weeks off!! We are loving it so much!

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