Monday, October 11, 2010

Fruit Loop Graph ~ Kinder Fun

Friday was a fun day with Zac. We love eating Fruit Loops(not in milk) its just one of those things that is good to do! I blog many times about Homeschool Share because I enjoy there resources so very much! No, I do not get any reimbursement from them for all the wonderfully nice things I say about them! I do it because I enjoy getting there wonderful creative activities to enjoy with my children for FREE -- Yes Free! That makes it all worth while for me! I have made many new friends at there forum.

So Friday we played with our newest activity from -
The Fruit Loop Graph Chart.
This was fun for Zachary and me! He told me before we started that Green was going to win! LOL, can you guess which is his favorite color? Yes Green!

I started by printing it off there site, laminating it, and then pouring a bowl of Fruit Loops for Zac to play with. He needs some help with counting still so this is something that is fun and doesn't really feel like work. I did however keep fussing(not really) at him for eating all the colors, so that green would win! :) Counting is something that I just can't drill enough right now, I need to know that he understands his numbers before we move on to addition and subtraction. He is doing so much better with recognizing his numbers, which is wonderful, he is moving along at a great pace I feel. I just again want to be confident that I am doing all I can in a fun way to motivate him to play with his numbers and understand them in play...because in play is the best way for him to retain them!

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