Thursday, October 21, 2010

Green Eggs & Ham ~ Yummy

My children love this book!! Sitting at the breakfast table with daddy reading Green Eggs & Ham. Since we are not having school this week I have had alittle extra time to have some fun... We ate Green Eggs & Ham today for breakfast!! I just put alittle food coloring into our farm fresh eggs and they was as green as Sam I Am's! The kids loved it! At first Zac wasn't gonna eat them but then after Kevin started reading the book he got started right away! I love doing fun things like this with my kids because that's what makes memories! Just wanted to share our fun morning breakfast with you all! We start school back next week, Our break has went wonderful! The kids actually have missed school!! WOOHOO that means I am doing something right this year! AMEN!!!!!!!!! May God Bless you this week!

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