Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kids Produced a Play ~ LOL

Tuesday the kids and I had craft time! We made paper bag puppets! Of course you have to have a play after you make puppets! So that's exactly what they did! They produced a cute little play! LOL it was hilarious! They rushed because they knew daddy was coming home and wanted it ready as soon as he walked in the door!!

Here are the pics of the puppets! Below is the video link!


Kyle snapped the pic of me! Mine is a cat.

Kyle made a monster.

Lexi made a unicorn.

Zac made a puppy dog.

The kids enjoyed making these puppets so much they asked if they could make some more after words, so they are on a roll with new puppets, I wouldn't be surprised if they have another play before we know it!

Its so entertaining to watch you kids do something out of there comfort zone, it helps them broaden there horizons, and we all know that's a great thing for kids to do! The last several years we have went to several plays at a local college that offers this service and we have always had a ball. I don't even think the kids have ever thought about making there own though!

VIDEO OF Kids Puppet Play:
Well it didn't work -- I will try again later!

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