Saturday, November 20, 2010

Animal Study

Hi All, been very busy and trying to catch up on my blogging. As many of you all know we have been very sick the last week so finally seeing some improvements I thought while the kids was having Quite Time I would try to get some things posted, I am not a fan of being behind!

So this 8 weeks we are learning about Animals, everything about them! Trying to go threw and learn how to categorize animals into groups(mammals, amphibians) and learning what locations they can live as well. We are really enjoying this project so far and hope that it helps us learn all about the wonderful things God placed on this earth for us to enjoy! We are using no actual publisher, I am just piecing this together a week or so in advance. We are using Lapbooks, Living Books, Encyclopedias, Videos and much more! Homeschool Share is a wonderful site for all neat things! I love them so much there! We are doing many printables and we have also made a folder for each of us names our "Animal Study" folder, the kids are filing all the papers and activities inside and of course they decorated the outside of the folders with what else... Animals!

This is what my board looks like at the end of each day ~ LOL you can at least tell we are learning each day! The kids like to take turns erasing the mess! Hey as long as they are having fun its alright by me!!

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