Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone's holiday is filled with hope, cheer and thankfulness. I have so much to be thankful for and I would like to list a few of these:
  1. God - for having mercy on my soul, I am a sinner and I am thankfully a child of God
  2. My children, I am thankful to be blessed enough by God to be gifted my wonderful children, I can't imagine thinking of never having them in my world.
  3. My husband, God truly blessed me with a man of God even when we was so young and scared about our first child and I totally didn't understand what was going to happen, God had a plan and his plan has been wonderful and blessed.
  4. Parents, I am thankful for all my parents have done for me, there have been some rough years for them and threw all of it -- it helped me to understand marriage, love, commitment and understanding.
  5. House, Food, Car and all the luxury things that God has blessed me with that hasn't honestly been needed.
  6. Love, Faith & Forgiveness - Without these things I would hate to understand where I would be, not only am I thankful for knowing these things but also for understanding for using them too!
I love God and my family. This week has been hard because my household has still been sick, but we have learned a lot about the history of Thanksgiving too. Kyle wrote a wonderful paper on what he has learned and I was so impressed.
Hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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