Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hummingbird Lapbook Complete

I finally downloaded all my pictures off the camera today and I want to show you all what wonderful things we have been doing for the last 2/3 weeks. I haven't been able to blog much because of everyone being sick and that takes a ton of my time when I am not schooling or working OH and holiday too!

So tonight I am going to share with you our complete Hummingbird Lapbook from Homeschool Share. We love that site -- Well I love that site, they have wonderful items free to print off when you need. So this 8 weeks we have been doing a large animal unit study, this particular week we studied Hummingbirds. We got a movie from the library and done our study on the types of Hummingbirds, the locations they live, foods and plants they love and so forth. I have already posted once on the study but wanted to show the completed Lapbook from the kids! It makes the kids feel good when I post their work, Its like a homeschool teachers bulletin board. Public school teachers have a wonderful bulletin board to show the wonderful work the students do so this is my way of having that for my homeschool babies!

Kyle enjoyed learning about where the Hummingbirds lived(and I love the look on his face).

Zachary is always eager to show off his school items and to only imagine how worried I was that this one started school this year!!
Lexi loved learning about Hummingbirds, her favorite so far. She always enjoys doing a lapbook study, she enjoys showing them off when my parents come over and she loves to just get them down a week or so after we complete them to review what is inside. That makes me very happy and that's why we continue to learn threw lapbooks!


  1. They did a great job on those lapbooks! Love them!

  2. The lapbooks look wonderful, and your children are adorable. I am happy to hear they enjoyed the study. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Your both so welcome! Thanks for taking a peek! They honestly enjoy these lapbooks!! So do I :) just dont tell them ;)

  4. Hey! I'm on the Review Crew, but I've been searching for bird units and found you!! How about that?!? Thanks for the info. :)


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