Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well this week has not went as planned(which we all understand). My smallest 2 children are not well and on top of that neither is hubby. He had to miss school yesterday because he couldn't even muster up enough strength to get ready, I think he has the (drum roll please) flu!!!! Just sick about it, he wasn't feeling much better today but he had to go to his lab class, so maybe they will just send him home... And of course everyone can't be sick without me, I have an ear infection and its horrible! I am only a baby when it comes to my throat and ears! So please pray for our family, this week we all need to recover from our sickness because next week is Thanksgiving!
This week we have gotten our Math lessons finished and our Hummingbird Lapbook complete as well! We have only done one Mystery of History lesson this week so hopefully things will pic up, but with everyone(except Kyle) not feeling well its very hard to get motivated! But there has been lots of story time and cuddles on the couch this week, so maybe that's a plus!
Hope all of you are doing wonderful and have a great week!

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