Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 13

This is our week 13. This week will be the same as all others just with different lesson plans or on different lessons progressing slowly! We are going to concentrate on All About Spelling & Mystery of History more this week for a few reasons, one they are our favorite and two I feel as I haven't been able to devote enough time on them as I would like, so I am going to correct that this week. This week we are also starting our lapbook study on Hummingbirds! This is going to be so fun for us because every Spring/Summer we have a lot of Hummingbirds flock to our feeders! We enjoy sitting on our porch and just watch them! We are using the Zoobooks issue of Hummingbirds along with a lapbook study from homeschool share!
Update on the kids and the progress they are making:
Kyle - He is improving so much on his writing! I couldn't imagine that he would already improve this much and it not even our half way point! I am very proud of him for this! He has great writing skills but hasn't really applied them, he is creative and has a great imagination for writing and it makes this momma very proud to say he is doing wonderful on this! I also am very proud of him on his reading interest FINALLY -- Hallelujah!! I was afraid to push him into it although I honestly had tried many times, well this year at the start I told him 3 things I really needed to see improvement in and we agreed that he would try well wow is he trying! I am overly joyed by his involvement this year! He is a wonderful boy!
Alexis - She loves to read and could read all day long! She reads between 4 - 7 books daily! Her favorite place to read is on my bed or on the couch! I get so tickled at her because she always has a book in her hand... Unlike her brother! LOL -- but she enjoys her spelling also, she is totally opposite that her brother Kyle. She enjoys talking over things in her school and does great in writing! She is a delight, she will do anything you ask her, she is the best helper anyone could ask for!
Zachary - This one had me worried all summer long that's for sure, this is his first year and he is doing wonderful! I am very proud of him for all he is learning so far! His favorite thing is writing and math. I think he has very pretty handwriting so far and that's wonderful because hes only 5 lol... He enjoys thinking hes a big boy too! He struggles with his ABC's and doing wonderful with his numbers! He is the class clown! He can always make me laugh!
A good friend asked me last week what would be my favorite change or publisher this year. After long thought I can answer with so clearly -- MY WORKBOXES!! I don't know where I would be with out those little boxes this year! I honestly don't know! I was so very stressed over adding Zac into our school routine this summer and then hearing Sue Patrick on the TOS Expo was a dream come true! I immediately could tell those boxes would work for us! One thing I was a little worried about after the first couple weeks was if the new would wear off and the work wouldn't get done and I can honestly say NO that's not what happens! The boxes are wonderful for my children and for myself! They benefit a lot from us using them and I am so much more focused on tasks and prepared! I get to the things I would always have to leave out -- and of course that was the fun things -- so I give all my credit for a great year so far to God for having heard my problems and found me an answer! I am very pleased in our school year this year more so than any other!!

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