Saturday, November 20, 2010

Writing Improvements -- WOOHOO

Well I just have to take a moment and brag about how wonderful the kids are doing in writing. They have improved so much in our 15 weeks of school so far, Its just amazing what a little more effort will produce!

Last year I wasn't a stickler for schedule, I will totally be honest here, because maybe I can help you understand that for us to help our children we have to try our best too. I feel like I was lacking in having a routine down for the kids last year, In February that changed for me, there are reasons but I would like to skip right over to my point please :) I wasn't being consistent with teaching writing and I was also in the dark as to where and how to start. So I thought copy work was alright so I would just print some copy work off and I guess I was thinking after enough of that they would get it..... NOPE..... Wrong.

So I went on a search and found this wonderful video:
This single video has helped me teach my children writing skills and for FREE, YES FREE! I wasn't trying to find something free I was just trying to find something that made sense so that I could make sense when teaching it to my kids. I am thankful that God helped me find this link because Lexi(7) and Zac(5) are doing very pretty handwriting because of me finding that video. I need the confidence in something that I was lacking and afraid I would make a mistake on, but after prayer I found what I was searching for.
Lexi & Zac have a certain time period everyday in their workboxes that we do writing. The workboxes have been fantastic as well, God really has blessed our homeschooling this year, he heard my cries and provided exactly the skills I needed to continue in raising my children for him and me still being sane lol... Hey its alright God has a sense of humor! Writing time is enjoyable for them and they are learning alot. I used the video to go threw and make key cards of what to say and then I started teaching from there, Its took us about 1 month to go threw and learn all our ABC's and we have since moved on to writing words or just practicing still with Zac his ABC's.

(You can see their lips moving, that's because they are saying the steps out loud as they write there letter.)

Hope you enjoy this and hope that you can see that being consistent with what you teach and being confident about it to will help you and your children!


  1. Thanks for the link to the video - I have a five year old so I will have to go check it out too!

    Found you from the workbox group. :)

  2. visiting from the workbox group too! So glad the writing is getting better for you and great video thanks

  3. I LOVE your enthusiasm and SO appreciate your supportive comments on my blog and on forums. You are AWESOME! ;)

  4. I am so glad to see you all visiting me here! Love all my cyber friends!! Glad you enjoyed the link, we sure have!

    @ love2teach2day ~~ your very welcome! XOXO


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