Saturday, December 4, 2010

Amazon & SwagBucks

I just have to say that I love, I am just a homeschool mother that tries her best to save money and when I have been shopping for Christmas or Birthdays the Super Saver Shipping is wonderful!! I guess this year I have come close to saving over $200.00 - $400.00 just by shopping Amazon's Deals and getting free shipping! The free shipping is wonderful on there because you just spend $25.00 and you get free shipping! I never thought I would do so much shopping on line but wow I do!! Its so much easier because instead of going and being in a crowd and fussing over sizes they don't have or the color they don't have... You get to choose it all online! I like having it my way when I shop! :)

SwagBucks -- Have you heard of them? If not you must go sign up!! I have been using the search engine for about 2 months and already got 3 gift cards from them totalling $15.00 for Amazon! You don't have to buy from Amazon but it works for me perfectly! There is no catch to Swagbucks! Honestly! I have bought books with my free Amazon cards and they are so easy to use. That was the only thing that worried me was how difficult it would be to redeem them, but wow you just type in the code at check out and it takes your credit right then! 

So I am in no way getting paid to talk about this with you, I just like to pass on things that I see work for me and help me and save me money! I am a homeschool momma just like the majority of you reading my blog and I am just trying to help ya out!

Here is the link to amazon if you would like to take a look:

You can click on the SwagBuck banner to the side and it will take you to swagbucks page!!

Hope you enjoyed, I know its getting close to Christmas and I was trying to help someone shop!!

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