Saturday, December 4, 2010

HomeMade Lacing Cards -- Free

Last week I found my lacing box from Melissa & Doug, to be honest I hadn't used it in a while(prob about 6/7 months) and I don't know why because they love playing with it(it was behind "other" stuff). So for 4 days Lexi and Zac played as they call it "yarning" the animals. They done this for hours and I was just shocked that they enjoyed this task so very much. I was also ashamed that I hadn't found them before know too :) but I am just a human! I did at least finally find them!! LOL

So after I seen them enjoy the cards so much for days and doing the same 6 every time I felt a little bad for them because it was just the same ol' ones... So that started my search! I had heard of printing lacing cards out yourself and laminating them and then punching holes with a hole punch but I had never seen anyone do this or did I know how. So upon searching I found the perfect site!! I have to share it with you!!

I printed out over 15 and Wow the kids have been having tons of fun with all the shapes! I love Melissa & Doug items but I wasn't prepared at Christmas time to spend an extra $20.00 on Lacing Cards, Ya know! So printing these off worked wonderful for the kids and me!

Steps to follow once you get to the site:
Print the cards(I print on card stock)
Cut out
Cut out again
Punch holes

These are our wonderful free lacing cards!!

The site I printed from had tons of additional activities that I am sure will benefit you whether you use the wonderful workbox system as we do or if you just need some activities for your little one!

The lacing cards are a wonderful motor skill for your kids, any child from age 2 and up should benefit greatly from this fine motor skill. It will help build skills for writing and using those little hands!

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