Thursday, December 30, 2010


Since we started our Lapbook Journey in February I have learned a ton about supplies and the best way to find deals. When your lapbooking with 3 children you go threw a ton of folders, paper, glue and tape. Here are some of my suggestions.

Items I have on my list to buy more of:
Glue(stick mainly)
Double sided tape

Things I use with Lapbooks often:
Hole Punch
Scrapbook Supplies(cheap dollar ones)

Best deals I have found on supplies:
Cardstock/Copy Paper - Walmart, if Staples is running a sale sometimes they beat them.
Folders(we like color) - Staples, they have the colored ones and my children love the choice.
Glue - Depends on who is running a sale, normally dollar store beats anyone, but when its back to school time you can normally buy at walmart for a quarter and once Staples had glue for .10cent!
Normally if you can find items at the Dollar Store you will come out pretty good, just remember to watch for sales because normal sales will beat the Dollar store and you get better quality.

Ways to save:
If you will sign up for clubs at ACMoore, Staples, Hobby Lobby, etc. They will have specials for club members or you will be able to save an additional %. Staples also ups the limit that you can buy if you have a teacher club card! Instead of limit of 2 you have a limit of 25!!

Is lapbooking worth the effort?

YES!!!!! My children are learning threw doing and I am enjoying them looking at their completed project week after week. They love to show off their folder to whom ever comes over to visit. That makes me proud. They enjoy doing work this way and I am happy to let them learn in a fun way! Learning doesn't have to be by a book only or worksheets. I am glad I can teach my children my way!!