Sunday, December 5, 2010

Learning ABC's the Fun Way

Well for a few months now we have been working with ds 5 on his ABC's and we have worked many different ways on them. Lapbooks, writing, memory, games, bingo, all kind of ways and he is still having trouble with several of them. So upon searching for something else to introduce to him to help us learn these suckers, I was reading on confessions of a homeschooler and she had a great idea that I am going to try.

Zac and I love our reading time together each day, so we are reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until he has all his ABC's memorized. First he loves that book and second we even have the Scholastic DVD!! So it was a win win for us! I told him of the idea and he said he would like to have his own tree, but I didn't know he really thought he was getting his own Palm tree! I had to explain momma was going to make him a special one near his desk in the school room to use and go over daily and then he was still excited!

So first I made the tree out of cardstock and just applied it to my door in our school room. Alright no laughing because I am not going to pretend -- I AM NO ARTIST!!

Second I bought from the dollar store some alphabets. Punched them out with the help of my second hand Lexi and then we was ready for us to review which ones he knew and which ones he didn't and needed extra practice on. I knew from daily drills that he missed about 6-9 every time and was getting about 14-17 right every time, so I felt this was alright for him because I see that he is trying and that's all I ask from him.

He knew 16 of his ABC's after a review and so those are the 16 ABC's that went on our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree Friday. We will continue to review our ABC's every day and read our book and watch our movie until he knows them all. Like I said Zac loves our reading time and loves this story so it was a great fit for our family. I didn't come up with this idea, confessions of a homeschooler can take full credit, I lover her blog, she is wonderful!!

He was so excited he had to take momma's pic beside his cool new tree!! So no makeup on hair at least brushed and just me -- a homeschool mother!

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  1. love that your braveness in taking the pic! :)
    Love the tree too!
    Thank you for posting your journey!


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