Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mystery of History

As many of you know my family is using Mystery of History this year for the first time and we are in love with it! We are having so much fun and just wanted to share alittle piece of what we have been doing the last few weeks, again trying to play catch up since we all have been so sick, so maybe by the end of the week or so I will have all my blog caught up on life around the Arrowood Zoo!

During the lesson on The Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle we learned many interesting things about the way the Lord used and lead Moses. Our activity was to build a tent and after the kids built the "tabernacle" we had prayer inside and pretended to have to worship inside this small tent to talk to our God. We sang a song -- Jesus Loves Me. This was a lot of fun and I have seen from these neat extras it helps keep the kids brain going!

Next, During the lesson on Joshua, Jericho and Rahab we learned just how important it was to listen to God. The activity for this lesson was to build a town(Jericho) out of blocks and then march around it 7 times around the walls of the town just like they really did and then everyone of us took turns knocking the walls of our fake Jericho down. This story shows alot about faith, I think my oldest really understood that but for the smaller ones I don't know if they understood that or not. However I understood it and I have to say since using MOH I myself have learned so much!

Zachary got a little upset when it was time to knock the walls down, so needless to say we done this 2 times and the second time we left it standing....

Tomorrow we learn of King Tut or Tutankhamen, Its very interesting how history ties together because King Tut was married to the daughter of Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti... That couple was very interesting.


  1. very very cool and they look so happy!!! I found your follow button this time too lol

  2. lol adamant i am glad you found it! lol yes they have a fun time doing moh and i love it too! hope your week was great! xoxo

  3. The Nature Connections is a great book but to let you know it is a writing inside kinda book. But it is really neat. We have been slow on stuff lately but I plan on the kids making a book mark with leaves for their books soon.

  4. We are using MOH for the first time this year as well. I had to smile at y'all building Jericho with the blocks then marching around them and knocking them down. The children used our recorders as their trumpets. lol

    We made masks King Tut and Nefertiti (, made a paper pyramid ( We didn't attempt the sphynx though (not yet anyway)

    Have fun with your MOH studies! We are!


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