Monday, December 13, 2010

Shout Out ~ Me & Marie Learning

I am going to start sharing some of my favorite resources in computer land! This week is Ashley from Me & Marie.

I found Ashley about a year ago on etsy while searching for fun items to help Zachary learn basic concepts: 

Since that year she has moved on to a wonderful website: 

And has a wonderful blog I enjoy reading regularly:

Let me tell ya alittle about her items! Her items are for tots & kinder age children, however her pretend items are for any group! My 10  year old loves the Grocery Pretend Set! My favorite item she sales are her  Baggie Games! I have to give her credit also on her Learning Packs, We own several of them as well! I think I have about 14 of her items and haven't been upset with any item from her! That says a lot because I am very picky on what I buy when it come to teaching my children!

I like Ashley's items because they are hands on learning! Games are the best way to help kids learn, because they are having fun and learning without notice! All of her items have instructions and helpful hints. I love the fact that my children look forward to the fun time we spend together learning each day. I can place a Baggie Game Set in Zac's workbox and he can have fun without alot of money and time spent on the item! Her items are VERY affordable! Reasonable prices is what drew my attention to her when I seen her quality it was just a hook and sink deal!! I have been a customer of her's for over a year and am very happy with her work!

Me & Marie have several items new for Christmas that I want! Gingerbread Math, The Story Of Christmas Learning Pack and Holiday Baggie Games(ofcourse)!

I want to share a freebie she has on her site as well for Christmas! You will have to register on her wonderful site to get the freebie, but I am sure you can find something else there you will love too!

(Disclaimer I received no compensation and all opinions presented here are my own.)

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