Monday, December 20, 2010

Small and Simple Things Challenge

Simple Things

Last week Tristan over at Our Busy Homeschool started with this challenge. I love Tristan, she has just given birth again to a cutie pie Caleb! She is trying to get her size back(normal after babies, which us momma's understand). She put this little Challenge together to help herself and others like me do simple everyday changes to help impact you overall. I know first hand how much easier it is when you have others to go along with you, It gives you a push! You have to be more accountable for what your doing if your sharing it with friends!

So last week was Week 1. My challenge was to try to drink at least 4 bottles of water daily(I love me some Pepsi) and not to eat after 9pm(My husband and I do this because I get off my night shift and we will watch TV and the kids are in the bed so we will get us a snack). I am happy to report that I drunk more water than I promised daily, with the help of Crystal Light. I also didn't eat a thing after my night shifts, which was super hard because Kevin still did!! He would look and say OH you can have some of mine and I held my ground!

So this week is Week 2. I plan to build upon what I have already done, this week I am going to try to only drink 3 glasses per day of soda(which will be extremely hard for me) and not eat after 8pm. If I try to keep gradually changing I think it will stick more easily. I am also going to try to exercise at least 2 times this week, with my schedule it will be the most challenging part of this task!

So join on up with us!! Visit Our Busy Homeschool and Link Up -- Take the Challenge to make yourself better too!!


  1. Way to go Kayla! One week down, a lifetime to go. Thanks for joining in with me on the challenge.

  2. Thanks a ton Tristan!! I am trying!

  3. Great job working on those goals!The food ones are the hardest for me too! Keep it up :0)



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