Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 15 -- What's in our Boxes?

Well to start out our week 15 we have snow!! 9 inches of it!! You can tell we are in the mtns this week! Started Friday late. Kevin and the kids was placing Christmas lights up Saturday, we expect about 2 more inches before Tuesday. The kids love the snow, however they do not like the fact that the neighbors get out of school and we don't :) just one of those homeschool things!!

And of course the kids played out in the snow ALL weekend long, Saturday morning they went out at 8am! What can I say they were eager!

There wasn't much Saturday at 8 but it was coming!!

Ok about school this week!! Today is Monday and its 15 degrees outside feels like -9!!! So inside we will stay all day!! We have 2 more weeks left to complete before our Christmas Break, our Christmas break is 2 weeks long. However this morning Zachary and Alexis had a smart mouth so before they could even go to their desk to start on their workboxes, they had to write sentences saying " I will not back talk my mother." After that they went to start their week!  

♥ Together ♥

Mystery of History -- King Tut, Ramses II The Great, Week 8 Quiz.

Read Aloud -- Family Under the Bridge

Animal Unit Study(8 week study) - We have been learning how to classify animals. We also pick 3 animals 3 times a week(yes total of 9) and learn about them. We have been making little booklets of each of our animals on habitat, classifying on if it is a mammal or what... etc. We have had fun with this!

Writing Prompts - Snow Ball Fight, Imagine seeing a Candy Cane House, who lives there and why, Imagine you popped popcorn and when you remove the lid you find a surprise, What was it, What is your favorite holiday sound?

Memory Verse - Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Ephesians 6:1

We have been doing lots of file folder games and worksheets to go along with Christmas and anything animal related.


MUS lesson 19 -- He is struggling at this point so we will be going extra slow to make sure he understands his numbers!

AAS - Still step 1, learning the sounds!

Working on tracing shapes.

Daily Drills consist of his ABC's and Numbers.

Writing skills this week are same as normal, working on name, working on abc's and numbers.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on Monday, Wed & Fri. On Friday if he has any additional letters to add we will do it then.


Devotional Daily

MUS lesson 17 & 18 (she is in between at this point)

McCall Crabbs Lesson - 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Writing - Working on writing sentences properly.

AAS level 2 - Step 5

Daily Grammar - I have started making my own for her at this point mainly because the Daily Grammar isn't actually teaching her so instead of buying a new book for her(because I have the old edition and need the new one) I am just going to continue to make my own. She is working on punctuation.


MUS - Lesson 19

Handwriting without tears cursive. We started out this year reviewing cursive and Kyle is finally back to the point before we stopped school last year so he has started back on his HWOT and is doing great daily with it.

Devotional Daily

Easy Grammar - He is working on Direct Objects,

AAS level 2 - Step 12

McCall - Crabbs Lessons - 8,9,10,11,12

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