Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 16

This is our week 16. Remember we are schooling 8 weeks and off 2 weeks all year long. So how's that going you ask?? WONDERFUL. I can't believe we haven't tried or thought of this before, but anyhow I am so very glad we considered it this year! So this week is kinda an end point, things that are either at a good stopping point or we are trying to get to that good stop point.


Memory Verse: Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10

Review Item: SpellQuizzer(for each child) You can download a Free Trail and watch my blog because I will be hosting a Give A Way for a Free License!

Read Aloud: Family Under the Bridge(finish)

Mystery of History: Well this is a sore subject with me at this point, because I have let myself down on staying on track. This points out no matter how you plan and try homeschool mother's are not perfect!!

Animal Study: This is our last week on our huge animal study we have done for this 8 weeks. This week Kyle is studying Terrific Tigers from DNG.

Day 1: What Is a Tiger?

Day 2: Getting to Know Tigers

Day 3: Where Are the Tigers?

Day 4: The Science of Tigers

Day 5: Cool Things About Tigers

Zac and Lexi are studying Whale Tales.

Day 1: What Is a Whale?

Day 2: Getting to Know Whales

Day 3: Where Are the Whales?

Day 4: The Science of Whales

Day 5: Cool Things About Whales

We wasn't going to separate our studies until next semester but I guess I however was on the right track because Kyle begged last week to do his own study. I couldn't deny him that. So I am glad that I am in tune enough with my children to be able to recognize there direction. We do not discuss their schooling options because we feel that we(my husband and I) can make an informed decision. Also going to finish labeling some more animals into their categories.

Draw Write Now: Drawing Cat, Dog and Bird.

Writing Prompts:
  1. Write to someone that helps you and tell them how much you appreciate their help.
  2. Imagine your visiting Earth from a far away star. What message would you bring to tell us?
  3. Pretend you are a mouse in a busy department store. What would you see there?
  4. Imagine you have a talking ten dollar bill. What does it say to you?
  5. Like a snowflake, you are special and unique. Write about the thing that make you unique.
This week we will be doing a lot of Practice and Learn activity worksheets from Teacher Created Materials. The reason for this is because we are at a good stopping point in "some" of our subjects so this helps us get a great review.


MUS - Lesson 20 Test. Lesson 21 & Unit Test

Handwriting without Tears Cursive. Writing paragraphs in cursive.

Devotional Daily

Practice and Learn Ages 8 -12: Varies Activities each day.
Easy Grammar - At a stopping point....

AAS Level 2 - Steps 13 and 14

McCall - Crabbs Lessons - 12 and 13


Devotional Daily

Practice and Learn Grade 2: Varies activities daily

MUS Lesson: 19 - 19X

McCall Crabbs Lesson - 12 and 13

Writing - Working on writing sentences properly. With Capital letters and proper punctuation.

AAS level 2 - Step 6 and 7 

Daily Grammar - I have started making my own for her at this point mainly because the Daily Grammar isn't actually teaching her so instead of buying a new book for her(because I have the old edition and need the new one) I am just going to continue to make my own. She is working on punctuation and capitalization.


MUS lesson 20 -- He is struggling at this point so we will be going extra slow to make sure he understands his numbers... PROPERLY! He made great improvements last week I think he is finally getting the place value thing!

AAS - Still step 1, learning the sounds!

Working on cutting skills.

Daily Drills consist of his ABC's and Numbers. This week adding colors and shapes back in.

Writing skills this week are same as normal, working on name, working on abc's and numbers.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on Monday, Wed & Fri. On Friday if he has any additional letters to add we will do it then.

* Remember all our items are in our workboxes. I have enjoyed this system for 16 weeks and I can tell a huge difference in our daily routine. We are able to get much more done each day. Not that I want to load my children with work but it truly doesn't do "that" it helps to make sure your organized enough to get threw the stuff in that notorious, famous pile of "we'll do that later". Surprised? No your not because all of us have that pile! You know you do!! So the workbox system is the best improvement in our home this school year. I brag about it every change I get and I am not going to stop. This year was very scary for me because all 3 children would need me and I was afraid that I wouldn't have the time for each the way they needed me. But I am glad to say this system works to help with that and I am no longer scared to school all of my children at the same time! If you have problems with organization, getting away from the kids or they don't perform without you beside them, you need to stay more on task, THEN YOU NEED TO TRY THIS! Check out Sue Patrick's Workbox System here: http://www.workboxsystem.com/


  1. Looks like you are having a great year in homeschooling! Stopping by to say hi from the Hop! New follower also!

  2. Stopping by from the tuesday blog hop. I am really considering doing the 8 weeks on 2 weeks off schedule next year! Thanks for posting!

  3. Joy thanks a ton for stopping by, I am in NC too!!

    Aria ~ The 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off has been wonderful, I can't understand for the life of me why I waited so long! The break is wonderful, just enough time to relax and not forget a thing!


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