Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap ~ Up 16

Well this week has been wonderful but cold((brr))! Friday is my favorite!! No more work and all PLAY! No Christmas Play last week and hopefully weather will be good for this Sunday, we also have our gift exchange and dinner at church this Sunday, We can't wait! Basketball game again for Kyle this weekend.Possible trip to Marion. That's all the plans we have! Don't you just love the lazy weekends? I do...

Weekly Wrap Up

weekly wrap-up

Kyle ~ Had trouble in Math ( shocked ) for the first time in years, he normally picks up everything and is so mathematically gifted, so this week was a huge change for me knowing how to help him with extra drills and online drills. The best thing about MUS is the online extras, making a worksheet option and online drills! Love me some MUS. Other than that Kyle has done wonderfully, he is ready for a break he did tell me this week, so I am glad its break time! We have had some struggles this week with PKU stuff and APD but other than that we are good! God will give me nothing more than I can handle and I have Him to help me threw! If you have a moment please take a minute and say a pray for Kyle, this week has been hard on him, sometimes he gets alittle discouraged. 

Lexi ~ She has read me out of house and home, I don't think there is a book in this house she hasn't read this week!! I am so proud of her that she has a special love for books! As for work goes she has done wonderfully as normal. She did however finish her Daily Devotional Bible for Little Girls, so over my break I am going to have to think of a new item for that. She has really caught on to the proper function of a sentence, this has been a lot of work for her, So I am relieved. She was sick Monday night into Tuesday with a 12 hour stomach bug so I am happy she is better! She has been very sickly this month!

Zac ~ Zac has loved helping me review "SpellQuizzer", he has really improved on his ABC recognition this week. He is up to 100 in numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooHoo I am super excited!!! He is doing pretty good on recognition too. Phonograms have come a long way the last few weeks as well, this week he had his first ABC sound worksheet that I didn't have to help him with! He knew it, so huge step there!!

Also finished up Goofy Gecko Download N Go Unit Study this week, It was so fun, If you haven't tried it, You really should consider this one! We learned alot! This was the last week of our 8 week Animal Unit Study! This was the first study I had put together myself and I learned alot, good and bad! Will be better prepared next 8 weeks! But we will be breaking it down to 2 weeks mini studies next semester!

We normally only do crafts on Tuesday but this week we had many! Its such a great time of the year to make things! Made Winter Magnets, Reindeer Puppets and Gingerbread Men.

Yes they have one the same pjs, but didn't make them both on the same day, I forgot to take pics of the puppets on Tuesday :)

I am a happy blessed homeschool momma! I love my kids to the moon and back! I hope that you enjoy our blog!