Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's Your Christmas Tradition with the Kiddo's?

I was asked the other day what our family traditions are when it came to the holidays and after talking about it to my neighbor I wanted to share it with you too. Please leave a comment and let me know what your traditions are as well.

When it comes to Christmas these are the things I hope my children remember every year they were able to do with my husband and I, I hope we are giving them lasting memories to pass along to their families as well.

~ Decorating the Christmas Tree together and laughing when one side of the tree looks naked and the other side about to fall over!! Because the kids pick where the ornaments go, I don't mind if the tree is lop-sided : ) 

~ Making cookies! We do this every year. We roll and cut out, then bake, then decorate!! That's the best and messiest part!!

Gingerbread Cookies this year!

Decorating with Icing is the funnest part I am told!

~ Crafts. We always make some crafts to hang around the house or on the tree. This year we decorated Gingerbread Men to hang on the tree and also used stencils to make Christmas shapes to hang in our school area and desk area to brighten the holiday spirit.

Lexi didn't want a brown gingerbread man, so the white one is hers. From Left to Right, Mommas, Zac's, Lexi's and then Kyle's.

~ Make Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas Eve.

~ We always take a Christmas Photo of the kids in front of the tree to include with our Christmas cards. Here are my babies this year! ((Sniff Sniff)) They are growing...

~ Going to my grandparents Christmas Eve and eating supper.

~ Christmas Day going to my parents with my brothers family. We exchange gifts and eat and just have fun. My mother always has Charlie Pride playin'! That's a tradition that she has always had!

Please share your with me! I hope you enjoy learning more about my family and look forward to reading about you as well.

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  1. We bake a Jesus birthday cake too. I found finger puppets of the nativity scene that we use to decorate it with every year:). On Friday I am posting about another one of our favorite Christmas traditions. English Christmas crackers. Hope you stop by.


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