Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap ~ Up

So its finally Friday friends!! My favorite day of the week. Means no more work, school and lazy day begins!! This weekend we are in for many treats if only the weather would hold out. Saturday Kyle has his first ball game, which was supposed to be played last Saturday but was cancelled because weather. The Christmas Play is Sunday night, they have worked so hard on it and the weather is probably going to ruin the play, so it will be postponed. This weekend is looking to be a lazy, cuddly and movie good weekend!!

Snow is coming again Sunday am, we already have a Blizzard warning ~ Woohoo ~ Not really all of you know I do not like snow!! Kids are excited!!

Weekly Wrap ~ Up

School went wonderful this week. Everything got completed, we have had fun trying to wrap up our Animal 8 week unit study! Learned about reptiles more and Incorporated Goofy Gecko from DNG into our week. The Gecko is very interesting and DNG's are wonderful for us! Next week to finish up we are doing Terrific Tigers & Whales. The children couldn't decided on one so Kyle is doing his first study alone. Which was going to be started after the first of the year but I guess he needed it before my plans. 

Math this week went great for everyone BUT Zac... bless his heart he is getting to a point that his little brain just can't keep up! So we are going to be slowing down MUS, next week may not even do a "lesson" but might do just fun activities to reinforce. He is understanding how to skip count 10's and doing really good, but he is having trouble with the 2's. Needs to practice and master those, so maybe a break from worksheets is what is needed!!

Grammar/Language went wonderful for all this week! We had a blast with our story prompts! I love reading what they write, they are just so creative and Kyle has improved so very much since February! I am proud of my baby boy! Lexi loves writing but gets angry because her hand can't keep up with her pencil so sometimes she just tells me then I let her copy what she told to me. Zac normally just draws a picture to go in his journal.

Pics from our weekly roundup:

Still playin' in the snow!

Daddy helping Zac with his skip counting!!

Lexi is playing on which is a wonderful educational site! They  have all kind of wonderful learning games!! YES REALLY LEARNING GAMES!! The one she is playing in this pic is Pac Math... Its just like Pac Man but Pac has to eat the answer to the math problem, the answers are on the ghosts that wonder around!! All of my children love this site!!


  1. I love how hands on you and your family are! The snow looks fun but I am so glad it isn't here in Louisiana!! God Bless

  2. Thanks so much!! My maiden name is Johnson!! LOL about the snow -- we are under a blizzard warning again for Sunday!! XOXO Have a great weekend! And thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I am looking into DNG Gecko unit as my kids are going to get a gecko as a pet from our next door neighbor he raises them.

  4. Ohh that is really neat!! The Geckos are very interesting there are over 1200 different kinds!! XOXO

  5. Love to hear about your kids' writing! Glad that your little one is journaling with pictures. That's awesome!


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