Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to School -- Week 17

It's been a wonderful 2 week break. Our schedule worked out great with Christmas and our break at the same time. We have had a blast, I have posted a few times threw our break. The kids are so happy to start school today, the only thing they didn't like was the bedtime lasting! LOL - Back to School you have rules again!

This is Week 17 for us, our new school schedule this year is working out great, we love it. 8 weeks school 2 weeks break. So here is what our week is looking like! Ohh and Zac's birthday is this week!! My baby boy is turning 6!! Sniff Sniff...


Read Aloud - Mr Popper's Penguins

Memory Verse: E - Even a Child is known by his doings. Proverbs 20:11

Mini Unit Study - Your Five Senses

Writing Prompts: Starting January Journal
  1. What is your favorite winter activity? Why?
  2. Imagine you have to migrate south every winter. Tell what you would pack in your suitcase and why.
  3. Write about 3 ways you can help animals in the winter.
  4. January is Oatmeal month. Oatmeal is considered a healthy breakfast food. Write about the foods you like to eat for breakfast.
  5. If you had a magic sled that could take you either into the future or back in time, what time period would you visit and why?
~ Kyle ~
MUS 21
MOH 24 - 26
AAS 2 Steps 14 - 16
Reading - Pirates Past Noon
Grammar Cop Sheets
Easy Grammar - Irregular Verbs
Practice Cursive Sentences.
Daily Devotional
*SpellQuizzer(review item)
This week Kyle will be working on his spelling in every day life.
FFG & Take it to your Seats

♥ Lexi ♥
MUS Test & Review
AAS 2 Steps 7 -8
Reading Comprehension Practice
Daily Devotional
Grammar - Working on Punctuation.
Lots of different print outs from Scholastic Dollar Days.
FFG & Take it to your Seats.

* Zac *
Letter of the Week is "Nn"
Shape of the Week is Star
Number of the Week is "12"
Color of the Week is Blue
MUS 21
AAS 1 Step 1
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom(m,w & f) with ABCs
He is of course still working hard on ABC's and 123's. He is up to 50 in counting which is wonderful, we are just trying to work on reconnection with the numbers.
Writing Skills are still just forming the letters with out thinking to long.
Lots of different print outs from Scholastic Dollar Days.
FFG & Take it to your Seats

I posted our plans for the year on unit studies/lapbooks last week.  Remember all our items are used in our workbox system. We love this system it keeps us focused and going on task!

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