Saturday, January 1, 2011

Download N Go Series

As you all know if you read my post often, we love DNG from Amanda Bennett, got her newsletter and wanted to share with you about what is out! Magnificent Moons has been one my family has waited on for many months, I can't wait to do this one this semester! Her studies are wonderful, you need nothing extra, but are wonderful if you add her book suggestions. However these studies are scheduled to be daily for one week, we normally take 2 weeks on them to enjoy the books and get the info in our brains! Works best for our family! Try them and see what works best for you guys!  

Winter Fun!


As you're thinking about the New Year, you might also be thinking of your plans for the rest of the school year. Here's a list of some Download N Go titles that will work wonderfully for your winter studies:

Winter Wonders: From animals preparing for winter, to hot chocolate and snow, this exciting unit will warm your heart on those cold winter days!

Magnificent Moon: Winter is the perfect time to study the moon. Nothing opens up a child's imagination more than the wondrous sky on a clear night.

Expedition Canada: What better country to learn about during winter? Arctic Tundra, polar bears, Northern lights. Your children will be captivated by all a study about this country holds.