Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food Groups Mini Study

During week 18 we had a mini unit study on food groups/food pyramid however you would like to classify it. This study was one that I put together myself. I used several different resources such as enchanted learning, homeschool share and a health website. I went threw several book list and searched at the library for books to go with our theme. Our favorite book was Showdown at the Food Pyramid! It was so cute, funny and keeps the kids attention. If you haven't read this book it would be great read!
Showdown At The Food Pyramid

Here are the books we read that week:

We also used our collection of Melissa & Doug foods to sort threw which food belonged to what group.

I found a file folder game at that was about the food groups and we played with it, not as a file folder game but as a sorting/classifying game together. I gave each of them cards and then I would allow them to lay 3 down at a time in the right food group. They had a lot of fun with this!

They also completed a Food Group Book from Enchanted Learning.

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