Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Baby

My baby turns 6 today. Ohh how I am happy and sad all in one. Only a mother can understand! All this post is in green because its the birthday boys favorite color.

My precious baby boy, whom I adore with all my heart. I have watched my little man grow from a shy tiny little baby to a wonderful bright cheerful little man. The day he arrived is so picture clear even though it was 6 years ago. I didn't understand why God was blessing me with a 3rd child at the time because Zac wasn't planned and was a huge shock, but as I knew - GOD KNOWS ALL. Today I know why God gave me Zac, I needed him!

Happy Birthday Zachary!!
I love you to the moon and back!! XOXO

Today he is doing some wonderful birthday sheets from enchanted learning, as a tradition each birthday they get to pick what they would like for super. Zachary picked Tater Tot Casserole(his and my fav). He also will have a birthday cake made for him first thing in the morning, we always eat birthday cake for breakfast on birthdays! That's what makes memories ;)