Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Take the Struggle Out of Spelling with All About Spelling

In or around July we started using All About Spelling, formally we had used Spell to Write and Read. I have posted on this subject many times on the old blog but not so sure about since changed over to blogger! This is something that's very important to me because I see the difference in my children's learning. I do feel that this program is something that is hard to beat. Watch the video and then please visit AAS here.


  1. Hi, stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop! We definitely don't have a spelling program that we love. Right now, we are doing Sonlight language arts, and it just includes a basic spelling list for each week. The video was cute - I'll have to check out AAS!

  2. I'm glad you posted this. I bought this in the fall, but haven't started using it yet. Just putting off learning how to do it. Not sure if there is a steep learning curve or not? What do you think?

    Do I need any of the extras that you posted about that were on sale? I just have level 1 right now.

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Hey Leslie!! I would totally recommend the readers to go with the program and the new box is going to be wonderful! I ordered one myself! I also have all the readers except the new ones but they are also on there way! AAS is a wonderful program! I have used many and AAS is the first to implement and help my kids retain what they learn! I will never use anything other than AAS. There should be no learning curve!

  4. Hi Kayla!
    My son is in 3rd grade and I knew right away that he was not going to "get" spelling from trying to learn list after list. He struggles in reading, writing and spelling so I tried AAS this year at Level 1. He LOVED it at first and now that we are on to Level 2 he doesn't love it as much, but I still do! He still struggles with spelling, but AAS has helped alot. I love that everything is all "spelled" out (pun intended) in the teaching manual and it's very structured. It is teacher intensive, however, which is sometimes a con when I have 3 other children running circles around me while trying to teach the lessons. I would recommend AAS to parents. The video you have posted is cute too! :) Thanks for linking up this post up to No Ordinary Blog Hop!

  5. Wonderful Tracy!! I would also say that if you dont have the readers they are great!! They have helped top the cake in my book!! I can't say enough about AAS, when the kids struggle I will step back a few lessons and then keep going, it normally works! I have so much praise about this program!! I have seen my kids go from not understanding to being able to correct their own mistakes in papers!! I love it!


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