Monday, January 17, 2011

Review on Mixing Bowl Academy

Thursday, Jan 13 I was given a wonderful experience for our 2 younger children but of course my older was going to join in the fun too! I was offered to review, a few weeks back, a cooking class from Mixing Bowl Academy. The smaller class is geared towards ages 4-7 the class official name is Lil Chefs. I was told I would receive the list of ingredients days before the class so I could prepare. So I accepted because I know my children love to help me in the kitchen, so a class that was directed only to them was perfect.

I received my supplies list a 5 days before the class. That is a long enough time span for you to be fully prepared for your class. I was fully prepared today for class and the kids were very eager to start! The looked forward to this all week. However I didn't tell them until the class started what they would be making, I thought it would be funner that way! So the class recipe was for (drum roll please) Strawberry Smoothies!!!

The recipe was great. With Kyle's smoothie we did use his special PKU milk/formula and he said it was fantastic. So even if you have to change the recipe a tiny bit for a child's diet -- Don't be afraid to try it because my son has one of the most difficult diets to follow and we can still do so much! The kids loved the fact they could do everything in this recipe. I had all the items they needed already laid out so they each had a workstation and everything in front of them. My children really enjoyed this. As soon as they finished a step they would run to the computer to see what the other little boy was doing(Sandie's son)!

My little ones and I couldn't be happier with this class. It was fun, easy and only applied to my children! They loved it and that's all that counts in my book!! Sandie was wonderful! Thanks Sandie!!

So do you want to try Mixing Bowl Academy out?? Sure ya do!! Head on over to CurrClick and look her classes up. Here is the link! Tell her Kayla from The Arrowood Zoo sent ya!!

Sandie also has a blog:
Here is the Home page to Mixing Bowl Academy: 


  1. I just love this idea! Your sweet kiddos look like they had so much fun. Thanks so much sharing. :)

    Blessings to you from the Hip Homeschool Hop,

  2. Yummy fun! My kids love helping in the kitchen too! My 11 year old baked his first batch of cookies without any help this weekend :) Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop

  3. So much fun!!!! My kids love to cook and create. I'll definitely have to check out the class. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from HHH.

  4. This looks like alot of fun and I have never heard of MB Academy before! Thanks for the link and thanks for linking this post up to No Ordinary Blog Hop!

  5. Looks like they enjoyed their smoothies! My dd loved that this class too.


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