Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Small and Simple Changes Week 7

So week 7... This week I done half and half --- if that's possible! I done well on eating great and drank lots of water and very little soda!! I however didn't exercise any this week :( sorry but I am just saying!! I have to report the good, bad and ugly!! That's gonna be the one thing that holds me back! I can't find time, I am to tired once I do find time or the kids need me for something or I want some quite time.... I could go on and on here. I am really having a hard time with this!! Kevin told me he would sign me up for Curves if I would go, I am thinking that might be a good idea, however here are my thoughts. I takes money away from family, time away from family, BUT I do think I would be more motivated to go, the kids could go with me I called and spoke to the lady. So I am left with that decision over the next few weeks. Pray for me to make the right decision.

Go on over to Our Busy Homeschool and check on Tristan! She is the wonderful lady that started this challenge! She had a hard week so please go give her some love!