Monday, January 10, 2011

Small and Simple Things Week 5

Simple Things_thumb[2]
So week 5..... I have done pretty good this week. My goals of last week was fairly easy to meet, however I did not exercise as much as I wanted. This week I am going to work on my eating habits. I do not eat much, I never snack(unless its at night after work). I haven't snacked after work in almost 2 weeks, I am so proud of myself. For me this is huge! I also have drank so much more water and I am proud to say I went one whole day with no Pepsi!!! HOT DOG DANCE!! This is HUGE for me!! Yeahhh ME!!!

So this week I am going to watch what I eat more. I never hardly eat fruit so I am going to try hard this week to do so! I have already ate 3 apples and munched on some grapes since Sunday. I am going to try harder to exercise this week as well!!

Come on over to Our Busy Homeschool and take a look at Tristan's Blog. She is the one who started all this!! She's doing great herself!!