Monday, January 10, 2011

Small and Simple Things Week 5

Simple Things_thumb[2]
So week 5..... I have done pretty good this week. My goals of last week was fairly easy to meet, however I did not exercise as much as I wanted. This week I am going to work on my eating habits. I do not eat much, I never snack(unless its at night after work). I haven't snacked after work in almost 2 weeks, I am so proud of myself. For me this is huge! I also have drank so much more water and I am proud to say I went one whole day with no Pepsi!!! HOT DOG DANCE!! This is HUGE for me!! Yeahhh ME!!!

So this week I am going to watch what I eat more. I never hardly eat fruit so I am going to try hard this week to do so! I have already ate 3 apples and munched on some grapes since Sunday. I am going to try harder to exercise this week as well!!

Come on over to Our Busy Homeschool and take a look at Tristan's Blog. She is the one who started all this!! She's doing great herself!!


  1. Hooray for no Pepsi! That stuff is soooo bad for you hon, even bad for your bones -leeching out good things. Still, it is a hard habit to kick. Have fun with fruits this week! I'm hoping to make a fruit smoothie some day for a treat, the kids love them.

  2. Thanks Tristan, I know about the Pepsi but I have been trying to kick the stuff for years, so I am down to only 2 cups per day! I have really done well with the Pepsi. I have tried hard, that was one thing I really wanted to cut out of my daily life! Also Thursday the kids are doing one of the Little Chef classes for Smoothies!! So funny you mention that!


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