Monday, January 3, 2011

Small & Simple Things Challenge Week 4

[Simple Things_thumb[2][3].jpg]

Ok, we are on week 4 -- Last week I didn't post because we was on break & Christmas, however I didn't do that well either, I let myself down. I slipped and had 2 night time snacks(this is a no no that I have tried to bet)! I did however drink more water.
This week I am going to start exercising. This is very hard for me, I have a DVD that I am going to do at home, but I am very self conscious when I am doing so. I am going to set my goal to 2 times this week. If I could do the DVD twice I would be very happy and then stay on that for 2 weeks and then move myself up. I do not have time to go to the Gym or the extra money at this point but I do have this DVD and I am going to try!!
I am eating smaller portions as well. I am trying to be aware of everything I eat. I am enjoying more fruit than normal and I also started taking vitamins daily last week as well.

Overall I think I am doing much better daily living. I am drinking more water, watching what I am eating(even if I slip up), I am taking Vitamins daily which I haven't done since pregnant. I am feeling better just from what little I am doing.
Ok so Tristan is the boss of this over at Our Busy Homeschool!! Take a look over at her blog! She is wonderful and I am blessed to have her as my internet buddy!!