Monday, January 3, 2011

Small & Simple Things Challenge Week 4

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Ok, we are on week 4 -- Last week I didn't post because we was on break & Christmas, however I didn't do that well either, I let myself down. I slipped and had 2 night time snacks(this is a no no that I have tried to bet)! I did however drink more water.
This week I am going to start exercising. This is very hard for me, I have a DVD that I am going to do at home, but I am very self conscious when I am doing so. I am going to set my goal to 2 times this week. If I could do the DVD twice I would be very happy and then stay on that for 2 weeks and then move myself up. I do not have time to go to the Gym or the extra money at this point but I do have this DVD and I am going to try!!
I am eating smaller portions as well. I am trying to be aware of everything I eat. I am enjoying more fruit than normal and I also started taking vitamins daily last week as well.

Overall I think I am doing much better daily living. I am drinking more water, watching what I am eating(even if I slip up), I am taking Vitamins daily which I haven't done since pregnant. I am feeling better just from what little I am doing.
Ok so Tristan is the boss of this over at Our Busy Homeschool!! Take a look over at her blog! She is wonderful and I am blessed to have her as my internet buddy!! 


  1. So glad you're still with me Kayla! It makes it more real when there are others hold us accountable, doesn't it? I'll be praying for you this week, especially that you will be able to exercise with that DVD! Every little bit helps, and after a few weeks doing a dvd will be old hat and the self-conciousness will be gone, I promise! I even find myself talking back to the dvds I do now...hehe.

  2. Ohh thanks Tristan!! Yes it makes it real when someone is watching you! LOL I see myself talking back to her, hopefully no one will hear what I tell her! LOL it might not all be good at first! XOXO

  3. Kayla I know what you mean about being self-conscious. Praying that you are able to work through it and work with the DVD. Hope your week goes well.

  4. Kayla it sounds like your doing great!Keep it up! I do workout DVD's too. I have a biggest loser one that I enjoy.Some days I am grunting and groaning and telling Bob to shut up!LoL My kids find it hilarious!



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