Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week 18 Wrap Up

This week has had its ups and downs for me(personal reasons). However for kids and our family(5 of us) its been a wonderful week! This week I have been very forgiving on work. To be honest alot of the extras I printed off this week wasn't completed. We didn't have our friends over because of the snow so the Chicken Lapbook we was going to do Tuesday got postponed until next weekend unless the other snow store delays us once again. We did have a great study on Food Groups, I will post a separate post on next week. Personal reasons that I wouldn't like to speak of got in my way, made me very upset and emotional this week so I honestly didn't feel like school! However when your a homeschool mother there isn't much that will stop you! We did have fun this week!! Alexis was upset because with all the snow, Gymnastics was canceled this week and Kyle was upset because he didn't have ball practice this week either!

So this weekend. Kyle has 2 ball games this weekend. We are going to have a movie/dinner date with friends again tonight, it was so fun last week we just have to do it again! I have to prepare for the new school week and other than that I am happy to say I have NOTHING else to do!!

weekly wrap-up

Kyle ~ This week Kyle was happy that the majority of his learning was picked by him! He has took a special interest in the Trojan Horse and studied more on it this week. He made a wonderful craft himself(thanks Lisa for the link) and watched Troy.

He is also studying Lewis & Clark from DNG. He has worked at his own pace and my thoughts of how long this was gonna take is well off by a mile but, that's alright! As long as he is learning my time doesn't matter! He is doing well in everything. He has improved on his cursive writing lately and I am happy to say he wrote a small paragraph in all cursive!!

Alexis ~ This picture touched my heart this week. She loves animals, if only you could see her room! But this week she read the entire book to her animals at different points in our home. A daughter is so different than a son, I am so blessed to have both because I need both ways they are! This week Alexis was a reader, which isn't to different than any other week but she was more-so this week! She done more school work than anyone else, because even at 8pm she would ask for something to learn or do.

I gave her an activity to do with our new Melissa & Doug animal magnets. I asked her to please get the animals and place the first sound with them.

This is her working on her Make Way for Duckling LB from HSS.

This is my Lexi at her school desk. Yes that is Mrs Pinky with her at her desk!

 I love her attitude! I am told she is all me...... That's alright, it used to bother me but I see how wonderful she is and so hey I guess that makes me wonderful!! LOL. Alexis and Zac finished up Make Way for Duckling, they both enjoyed this book and we had the DVD threw Scholastic!

Zac ~ My darling Zachary, he is so sweet. He has really done wonderful this week learning his letter H. We have done some really fun things this week with the letter Hh -- Thanks to Erica over at confessions of a homeschooler. Here are some of the activities we have done with Hh.

Played Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Made a Hand Print and then let him stamp H all over.

He really liked this, used dot markers and made a capital and lowercase Hh.

Had several lace cards to do related to Hh.

Made a cute Hippo!! He done so good!

I would also like to say Zachary is doing really wonderful with his Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree. I will post an update soon. We bought several Scholastic Treasuries a while back at TJ Maxx and they have came in handy because they are stories the children love. Just this week we have used 2 of them on studies in school! So here is Zac and well all the kids watching Chicka Chicka Boom Boom(its so cute). They ask to watch it everyday, I think this week they have watched it 14 times! LOL Yes 14!!

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  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Social Parade Blog Hop! Hope you'll return the favor! See ya there??!! :)

  2. I found you from the Weekly Wrap-Up and am following your blog now.

    It was interesting to me to see your daughter reading to her animals. My daughter has just started to read and every time she's going to read anything, she gathers up at least three of her animals first.

  3. I don't know what you are going through, but I can say I understand just feeling blah...and stressed. I have been sick for over 3 months now and lost abou 30 pounds from it. The thing when you homeschool though is you are the one in charge and life must go on, no matter how mom feels. Our prayers are with you. The kids look like they had a wonderful week though!!! I love Erica's work too. I use her Geography, character education and letter of the week too. We just started letter of the week. I paid to download the whole thing on to my laptop just to have it done. Her website is wonderful!!
    I love you Melissa & Doug magnet idea. I'm adding that to my list. And Make Way for Ducklings is on Lydia's reading list, I need to download that lapbook. Thanks for all the ideas!!!

  4. Love the Trojan horse! And it looks like you guys are getting lots of learning done, in spite of you feeling emotional. Good job, you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  5. Looks like a fun and productive week despite some of your setbacks! I love the picture of your daughter "reading" to her stuffed animals...priceless :) Thanks for linking up this post to No Ordinary Blog Hop!
    Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"


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