Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 20

This week we will be trying to stay on pace! Last 2 weeks have been a little hard but this is the first time all year that we have struggles so I am actually alright with it. Homeschooling is hard! It's not an easy task that us mothers take on. Pray for me this week & I for you! This week I did get my printer fixed!! WOOHOO, a homeschool mother without a printer is like a bee without a hive! Kyle done wonderful on his ball games over the weekend his team is 5/6. Over the weekend we found some wonderful pen pals!! Very excited about this. Kyle has therapy this week for CAPD, which is going wonderful, we have been going for almost 8 months and I do see some improvements however there is still much to learn about this and much to heal. Alexis hopefully will have Gymnastics if it doesn't snow/ice this week, this would be week 4 of no gymnastics due to bad weather.We have 4 more weeks until break for our 2 weeks off school. Kevin will be gone a lot this week as well, so I pray that I will be strong and have no melt downs because the children and I miss him greatly when he is gone. Although its doing us some good for him to once again be away. However its been 2 years he has been home and going back to school and work this week will be a challenge for him and us as well. I pray that he will keep up his great grades in school with once again having a job. When he started to school a little over 2 years ago it was hard but soon after lost his job so he has drew unemployment benefits until next week, so of course he had to go back to work, he has found something so I am thankful! This weekend was also Zac's Birthday Party, we had a blast. He enjoyed all his presents and quality time with friends and family. He is also finally feeling some better from that nasty cold he has had.

Space Unit Study/Lapbook
Writing ~ This week we will be writing to our Pen pals one day, then normal writing prompts for the other 4 days.
1) January is National Soup Month, what is your favorite soup and why?
2)What summer sport would be fun to play in the winter? How would it change?
3)Some Animals fur changes in the winter to white so they can become camouflage in the snow. If you could hide yourself, where would you hide and why?
4)Plan a menu for a winter picnic.

Draw Write Now ~ Rabbit (finished book one)
History Stories
Read Aloud is still ~ Mr.Poppers Penguins
Tuesday if no bad weather, Its our friends turn to host our study together.

Day 3 of DNG Lewis & Clark
MUS 25 f & T, 26 a b c d e f & T
Verb Review & Test
AAS Level 2 ~ 21, 22 & 23
MOH ~ Lessons 26 & 27 then quarter review!
Kyle completed Sacajawea over the weekend. Will start another book for Lewis & Clark for independent reading.
Working on cursive.

MUS 22F & T, 23 A B C D E F
Reading Comprehension
Writing Sentences
Main Ideas
ABC Order
AAS Level 2 ~ 15, 16 & 17 (along with reader)
Different independent reading daily.

Letter of the week is Mm
Color of the week is Yellow
Number of the week is 18
Shape of the week is Rectangle
Working on numbers from 0 - 100
AAS Level 1 ~ Step 1
Working on Sounds (has beginning sounds ws)

** Remember all the items we have go into our wonderful workbox system! We love this system with all our hearts, if you don't know much about it please visit Sue Patricks Workbox System website or look for my post this week on the subject! **


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  2. Hey Stephanie!! Just changed over a few months back from homeschoolblogger!! I will see if I can find your blog - I know you must have one!! Thanks for stopping by girl! Hope your feelin better :)

  3. Hi Kayla!
    Sounds like another fun and full week! I hope the weather allows gymnastics class this week! Thanks for linking this post up to No Ordinary Blog Hop!


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