Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Week 19

weekly wrap-up
This week didn't go that well to be totally honest with ya! My printer messed up and researching which one to buy, so I couldn't print off all the things I needed to so we didn't complete the Curious George Lapbook and I was upset because I didn't get alot of Kyle's grammar/english scanned off before it went down! However it was still a blessed week! I am thankful for my babies and the ability to homeschool once again. I did survive Kevin being out of town this week on his clinicals dates, I didn't like it and neither did the kids but we handled it ;) The first day Kev was gone our last hamster died. This one was Kyle's and it was a sad day for little Lightin'. The animals in our family are very loved no matter what they are for! Pet or food it doesn't matter - we love our animals and it was so sad to see him go. This weekend we have 2 ball games for Kyle. Zac's birthday party on Saturday and Church on Sunday.

Kyle ~ This week Kyle struggled with math a little, however I think we got it fixed today! Just some missing steps and you can always make mistakes! Just needed more practice I think. He is still loving his Lewis and Clark study, he is taking his time and he is reading some wonderful books. I am not going to rush even thought I am so inclined to make him!

Lexi ~ She done wonderful on her work this week. I see her writing appearance slowly becoming more neat and I have a waited this day! She is doing a lot better at her sentences with punctuation and capitalization. She has read again this week like normal -- every minute she is awake! I love having her around the house! She has carried her Pinkie(rabbit) around all week with her doing everything she does! Its so cute. She really helped so much with chores this week I just have to brag!

Zac ~ He has been a little under the weather this week, so he hasn't been his normal happy self. He has been a good boy and that's all I ask from them all. He has had some trouble with Rr this week so we may have to come back to this letter in a few weeks or so, we will see but its not going on his Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree which is not setting good on him! I think he is getting the hang of counting by 5's finally so we will still be practicing this task. We are also going to work on number recognition a lot next week up to 100. This may take a few weeks but its something I need him to work on.