Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Week 20

weekly wrap-up

Our week was wonderful! This week was once again full of snow and I can't wait for spring!! Glad my printer is fixed and going!! Makes the week go so much better when I am able to print the items that I need for the babes!! Kevin wasn't out of town this week which was a great surprise - it comforts me when he is close to home! Next week however is the week I need your prayers, he will be gone for school tons and also starts working at the hospital!  New hamster is doing wonderful, spoiled already!!

Sorry for the late post, I normally post on Friday however I wasn't feeling all that wonderful yesterday and just spent time with my babies! This weekend Kyle has 2 basketball games, hopefully they will win and rank 1st in the playoffs!! Church Sunday and just a lazy weekend other than those activities! Its warm today in the 49/50 range and the kids are loving the outside playin' time!

Kyle ~ This week we had a small melt down because I changed him from Easy Grammar 5/6 down to 3/4 and I did so the first of the year just to make sure he was getting all the review items he needed. However he figured it out this week and was very upset with me. So this is what we decided. 1) Doesn't matter grade level 2) we are going to discontinue at this time using Easy Grammar, We are going to focus on writing and things in a different approach. He is loving his Lewis & Clark study we found a wonderful movie on the Lewis & Clark expedition that he is watching this weekend!

Lexi ~ This week Lexi done wonderful! We worked a little more on writing this week than normal. She loves to write but the formation of it is well horrible, so we worked on sentences and this helped a lot this week!! She also had tons of time for Kayle our neighbor because with all the snow this week they didn't have to go to public school and they love coming to my house! They are great friends and as you can see they enjoy playing babies! Lexi is doing good with math after a long review a few weeks ago!

Zachary ~ He feels better this week!!!! Finally better! He had fun with his letter of the week M for M&M or Monkey!! He enjoyed the patterns that he could make with them too! Zachary has made huge progress this week with recognizing his numbers! I made flash cards from 0 - 100 and he has really worked hard this week on knowing them! He knows how to count to them but not pick them out or so to say "read" them. I am very proud of his hard work this week.
This week we met with our friend Gina out our home, same as last week. This week was her turn to teach and she did wonderfully! Last week I taught about Chickens,  This week she picked Bears. We learned a lot of neat facts that I never even knew! We all learned a ton!! My turn this week again however I am going to break the cycle of animals! Hope they don't get angry! 
♥ Hope you all had a wonderful week learning ♥



  1. Sounds like a very busy week. It is so nice you can do a mini co op with your friend. I would love to find someone to do that with.:) You are the winner for this month's link up for the NOBH. I will be sending you an email to do a spotlight for February.

  2. It looks like you had another fun and productive week! Having a co-op is so nice for the moms and kids! Congrats on your Star Blogger Award for the most link ups for NOBH! I've enjoyed reading all your great posts in January. Please join NOBH in February so we can continue to follow your inspiring and fun blog!

  3. Sounds like you had a busy week. Hope this week is going well for you while your hubby is gone!

    Stopping by to say "hi" from the Hip Homeschool Hop!


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