Monday, February 7, 2011

All About Reading Program

Everyone knows how I love All About Spelling, Right?? If ya don't you don't read my posts! LOL!!! So anyway... I love Marie the creator of AAS. We started using AAS in Feb and are getting ready to move to level 3 with one of my children. I love and rave about AAS all the time, I have seen what a difference this curriculum has done for my children especially Kyle my oldest! He has always struggled at reading and spelling until we started using this program and WOW at the difference and improvements he has made! 

So I have been watching news on the Chatter Bee(their chat forum) and watching emails on new items. Just a few weeks ago I posted about the wonderful sale AAS was having! Today I want to post a little about the reading program Marie has created!! 

Name of the new program is All About Reading. The program is going to release in February! I can't wait!! My smaller will use this program as soon as it is released!! The wonderful thing about this is you can get a peek at the program right now, Here is how...
Go visit All About Reading and sign up for the newsletter, in return you will get a free ebook, In the kitchen with Zigzag the Zebra. 

I wish this would of been out for my other children and I hope they continue to bring out new items in a timely manner so that once you start one level you can go threw another instead of a gap! I have went threw this with the AAS readers but no big deal because there are so many other wonderful books and readers the kids can read!! 

Head on over to All About Spelling  today and see the way to take struggle out of spelling, its sure helped my family!!!  


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  1. I use AAS with my son who is just finishing up LEVEl 2. Thanks for telling us about their new reading program on NOBH!


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