Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Remember When???

Do you remember when you decided you would homeschool?
I remember our first day the year Kyle was 6. I hadn't prepared myself for this decision at all!! Most people know to prepare but that wasn't the case with us. Young and dumb is honestly how I would classify myself at that point! I was a young mother that was trying and clueless!

I sent Kyle to school after a long battle with myself and crying almost daily. He went to public school in Kindergarten for 3 weeks. He loved pre-school at the local Baptist church so I just knew kinder wouldn't be any different. The first week was so hard on me. I cried every day when I left him(not in front of him - normally when I drove home with a infant and toddler in my back seat). He really enjoyed the first week, but things changed. He would beg momma can I stay home today? When I would go to drop him off that second week he would cry and the teacher or assistant would have to drag him off me... Remember I had a car seat infant and a toddler with me and he would cling for dear life... I couldn't understand -- What had changed, he was great the first week so why all of a sudden did he change.

Later that week I got a few phone calls from the school. I got very upset when I was told he got in trouble talkin in the bathroom with another little boy... I was even more confused as to why I needed to be phoned for that. So not only was my kinder suppose to go to a class of little ones he didn't know and 2 adults that he was all of a sudden suppose to listen to but NOW he couldn't talk either. Hummm.... So the second phone call came 2 days later when I was asked about his food at lunch. I had a meeting with the principal and lunch leader before Kyle was even enrolled because of his PKU. I had to have medical notes and everything on file for this... So the call came about at lunch he wouldn't throw his food away in the trash and it was because I had told him not too... Which was true because in order to count his intake for the day I needed to know what and how much of what he ate. This made the teacher very mad??? Then after I went and got Kyle that day he said the teacher got angry at him and he asked me why? I said son I am not understanding why your asking me, He said Mom I sat down near her at lunch and prayed and she told me to stop that do it at home not school. I said OMG no she didn't.................... Breathe..............................

So needless to say that started my search in to homeschooling. I had one week to prepare, with no internet at that time!! The next week I pulled him out of school and really wanted to be mean to the teacher but I just kept my mouth shut and took him home.

Most people can't say they have that kind of story to homeschool, most momma's knew for years or months before they would start. I didn't however. I hurried and pulled books from walmart until I could get something in the mail. I had no clue about homeschooling, I knew NOTHING!! A friend of my wonderful aunt homeschooled and I was able to phone her but her children was a lot older than my kinder, however with out internet I went with what she had used, Lifepac's by AOP... I enjoyed this and he did learn from the books... Looking back I wish I would of been more together, I wish I knew what I do now then! Wouldn't it be so much better!! Man I can think of all the fun we would of had, don't get me wrong we had fun together and still do but at that little age I wish I would of had the outlook I have now... Textbooks aren't a must!! At that time of being "young and dumb and can I throw in narrow minded" I didn't know any other approaches other than how I had it in school!! If only I could go back and start with what I know now!! Man oh man -- I can dream for a minute!

It's been 6 years now! Homeschooling is a life! I am so glad that God laid all this out in front of me so that I would start homeschooling my sweet babies! I am a homeschool mother of 3. Since the 6 years ago when I started I have learned so much I could write a book! Maybe in another post I will write about all my findings!!

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  1. Wow. What a story. I was pulled out of a Christian school halfway through first grade. Of course that was the days before the internet and before homeschooling was nearly so popular. I liked school (I was quite social), but academically it was a disaster and I was so active that I had been placed in the back of the classroom to avoid being a distraction to anyone else. This naturally meant that I was learning NOTHING.

    Because my experience was so incredible (How can a lifestyle of learning not be?!?!?!?), it was a given that I wanted to homeschool my kids. That was one of the first things that I brought up when my husband started pursuing me. :) From an academic stance and spiritual stance he was sold. Now that we're on that journey, he is loving our 'lifestyle' too!

  2. Thanks for sharing your homeschool journey! It was interesting to read. I always enjoy hearing other's stories of how and why they started homeschooling!


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