Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shopping Trips?

When we went out over the weekend(to Hickory!!) and was shopping around, I had this question pop in my head and I just had to ask all you homeschool mothers out there!!!!
Does everyone's shopping trips always look look like this??

Well what we have here are books, books for reading and learning. We have Bible books(.79 each), a cool pirate book from DK that has stickers in it for Kyle, in the next few weeks he will be learning about the history of Pirates(thought it would be a great fun item $1.99), Mad Libs for Zac(.99), I Can Read books for Lexi since I can never have enough books for that child(.99), a really neat Robinson Crusoe game for the pc($1.99), Kyle learned about him last year and he really loves him so I thought what a wonderful way to get the facts backed up than this wonderful game! Also the space shuttle you see in the back in the box, has a live space dvd - it takes the kids on a live tour threw space and the shuttle flight(50 mins). It came with a metal die cast shuttle figure that Zac has already laid claim too!! This goes great with out space study(it was only $2.99). Last book to talk about is Places in Time, this is a really pretty book with all kind of information on how ancient villages looked and operated! Crystal Light is mine and it was 50% off the already marked down price and didn't expire until July 11 and the Yogo's Lexi wanted and it was only .49...

So back to my original question.....
Does every shopping trip end like mine?? :)

Just for those who are interested - those wonderful prices and items are found at Ollie's Bargin Outlet. I will hit it every time I am down in Hickory(which is a hour and 45 mins drive). You can goggle them and find if one is near you! I love their books, I buy alot of books and they have wonderful books for homeschoolers!

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  1. There is an Ollie near my Mom's I went when we were visiting last year. It was great! I am always' buying books we are bursting at the seams from books:)

  2. Yes, I always come home with books or something else that would be considered HS related... I went to the library yesterday and left with 7 books (25 cents each) from their sale tables...
    It's almost an addiction for me... *LOL*
    But it's reassuring to know we are not alone... ;D

  3. Wow! I wish we had one of those stores. I've never heard of it!

    :) Janet (Homeschool Mama!)


  4. Well I am very glad to know I am not alone!!!! XOXO

  5. Yes, my shopping trips look just like that! :)

  6. I'm from NC and haven't heard of Ollie's, but it looks like a treasure trove of goodies! Love the space shuttle find for only $2.99? Wow! Thanks for sharing on NOBH and I hope to run into an Ollie's in my lifetime as I am a "book-aholic" too! Our local library has book sales twice a year and some years I have to skip the sale to stop my addiction! :)


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