Thursday, February 10, 2011

Small and Simple Things–Week 9

Week 9
Has went pretty good! I done great with my water intake and no cola... I have kept on track with no snacks after work, which is my quite time with hubby! This has probably been the hardest thing for me, because at night when we are whining down I like a little snack but the problem is its 930-10 o'clock and that's not a great time for a snack!

I also included a new goal for me this week and it worked great! When I make tea or kool-aid for the kids I cut the sugar down by a quarter!!!! No one even noticed until I told my husband!!!!!!! Isn't that wonderful! I was able to cut a lot of added sugar and calories by just taking a quarter cup of sugar away each gallon!

I am still patiently awaiting Spring weather so I can once again begin to exercise. I am wanting to do this so badly but with the way I work I just can't fit it all in and to be totally honest I am not in the mood when its horrible weather out all the time!!! I must keep trying though! I am still considering the membership to Curves! I am still praying about it and will do so for another few weeks until I feel good about a decision. Some of you may think its a crazy thing to pray over this but when God is in your life you pray over everything! He will either make it work or break it! So you might should go to him before each decision and talk it threw!

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