Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 23

I am going to start back writing about our week every Monday. Its to hard for me to do all of it on Friday, and its WAYYYY long! So this is week 23 for our homeschool year! We have one more week next week and it will be time for our 2 week break! Over the weekend I painted Kyle's room yellow. Its his favorite color and I surprised him when he came back home from a over night stay at granny's!! He loved it and he was soooooo shocked!! Tuesday is Gymnastics for Lexi. Kyle was released from therapy early for doing so wonderful and testing out of a delay! He and the therapist was so sad last week. She really enjoyed Kyle and he enjoyed his time with her as well. So this Wednesday I am going to try to continue doing something with just Kyle to help him stay on track!

So homeschooling:
We added 2 new stations this week. A sensory bin(calling it our fun tub) and a play doh station. This will always have a theme and this week it is Valentine's!

Space Unit Study(finishing this week)
Reading (im a slacker) Still Mr Poppers Penguins! We have took extra time to draw and make pic!
Bible Verse - I - I am the way the truth and life. John 14:6
Draw Write Now - Book 6

AAS level 2 -- Complete!! He will finish this today actually!!
MUS 28 & T -- We will complete this next week as well!!
Ancient Egypt Unit will be complete by Friday(hopefully)
Story Writing Daily
Mad Libs
Working on his sign language.

AAS Level 2 -- Step 21, 22 & 23(if no trouble)
MUS 26 & T
LB Officer Buckle & Gloria(finish this week)
Story Writing Daily
Working On Sentences and Punctuation.
Working on telling time and counting money.

AAS Level 1 -- Step 1
AAR(sample) He loves this!! I mean threw and threw a love for this!! He begs for us to do it over and over!! This is a total winner!!!!!!!
MUS 28
Working on number recognition up to 100.
Working on writing skills.
Working on ABC's.
Finishing LB Officer Buckle & Gloria.

This Tuesday our friends will join us again and Gina will be finishing her Bird study with the kids! I am so glad we are doing this together. The kids really seem to love it!

This week well Monday(today) is Valentines Day. That included waffle's shaped as hearts, our valentine baskets and some misc Valentine history and learning! Share some love today!!

I'm sure I have probably left something out but it will not be the first or last time! LOL

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!


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  1. QUITE a busy week! LOVE the Valentine's baskets! And I like yellow too! It's such a cheery color!



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