Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 22

weekly wrap-up
Week 22 comes to an end and on a great note! We had a lot of fun this week. Very proud of all the hard work and nice pleasant attitudes this week!

Draw Write Now - Book 6 still workin our way threw Land animals!

Writing Prompts - This week we have been doing free writing.

Tuesday with our friends - It was Gina's turn to teach and we learned about Birds. We are doing the Backyard Birds LB from HSS. She had a great bingo game for Birds as well! This study is our first to take 2 weeks!

Science Lab - Yes I finally done another, the kids love them so much when I do the science labs I should be ashamed for not doing them more often. This is something I am trying to work on however! We had a science lab set up at the table with a privacy board so no one could bother each other. This lab was Sink or Float. I filled a tub with many different items then made a key for them to mark if they "thought" it would sink or float, then they could do the items one at a time to see if the guess was right or not and then mark what actually happened! It was a blast with each child!

Space Unit Study - I honestly hoped to wrap this up this week however we have had a lot of extra fun this week and its not done! So maybe we can finish over the weekend and maybe not! If not we will follow right along into next week with it... no biggie! I also made some extra games this week for voc.

Friday - Abe Lincoln Mini Study. Lexi has told me since Wednesday " Mom Saturday is Lincoln's birthday..." Don't ask me why but she loves books on him, so this is for her! I printed items off from Enchanted Learning and I have books on him that we will go over Friday am.

Bible Verse - T - Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. 2 Cor 5:17 

We also made Valentines for our family and friends this week!

Early AM - Still not a wake :-)
This week Kyle has done great with his Ancient Egypt Study we started. This will take him another week and he should be finished up with it. He enjoys this topic!
MUS Lesson 28 & T
AAS Lev 2 - 22, 23 & 24
English worksheets on Subject/Predicate review.
Been giving Kyle lots of writing error papers. Papers that have already been wrote and its his job to proof read and find the errors. He has been doing really good at this and I think it will help him to understand his mistakes!
Mad Libs.... This is new to us and man oh man he is loving it!!
No MOH this week because he is learning about history in his unit study. Don't want to over load!

She just came in from outside and she was being silly about her ears!

This week she is doing Officer Buckle and Gloria LB from HSS.
Started her Kumon WB on sentences, she is struggling with this so I got her an extra wb to help her! She likes it so far!
MUS Lesson 25 & T
AAS Lev 2 Steps 17, 18,19 & 20(we went back over some of these and moved slow)
She is still workin on capitalization and punctuation.

He was blowing me a kiss!
MUS 27
AAS Level 1 Step 1. He is doing really great with this!
Started All About Reading Pre Level 1 this week. This was the free sample from AAR and man oh man this is a hit with Zac, I can't wait until Marie releases this sometimes this month! I am patiently waiting on the release ex specially after the excitement its given Zac!! This was his favorite things this week, he has begged to do more daily!!! That's a winner in my book ;)
Letter of the week Tt.
Number of the week 17.
Counting to 100 -- Man he is getting it!!
Counting by 5's has finally registered in that little brain too!!
Writing. We are practicing lowercase letters ONLY. He is getting the ABC's confused so we are only writing in lowercase letters at this point, I have told him momma ABC's are not alright any longer! LOL.
Zac is also doing the Officer Buckle & Gloria LB from HSS.

Hope your week has went great! The kids are off to grandparents house this weekend. They are really excited its been a few months since they stayed there all night! Daddy and I are going to Boone for a night out! It will be a nice change. I will miss my babies but I need some momma and daddy time as well! Have a great weekend. Weather here is suppose to be wonderful this weekend! Can't wait for it to warm up enough to sit on the porch!!! Spring Hurry Up!!

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weekly wrap-up



  1. Hi there. Stopping in on Friday hops. Great looking kids :). Hope you have a great weekend. New follower.


  2. Stopping by to follow and to say hello.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Stopping by on the hop and from Weekly Wrap up. Looks like a good week.

  4. Our library just order the Draw Write Now series (per my request) and I can't wait to check them out once they arrived Looks like you had a great week.

  5. Mad LIbs rock! I remember doing them as a kid and just laughing and laughing over the completed ones. Enjoy your weekend with hubby.

  6. We love the book Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers! Looks like a fun and productive week!


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