Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 23

weekly wrap-up

This has been a great week much that was planned got completed! That makes me happy!! No huge plans this weekend just doing whatever the wind blows our way I guess! I am glad basketball is over!! LOL my weekends are back to being MINE!! Next week is our last week of school for 2 weeks. I love this new year round schedule we started this year!

Sensory Bin/Fun Tub was a hit. We will do this monthly I think with a theme for the whole month.
Play Doh station was a hit as well! ((Duh on that mom!))
We finished our Space Study. This was alot of info to learn and I am thinking my little ones really loved this topic!

FINALLY --- Finished Mr Popper's Penguins!!!!!! Yes I know this took WAY to long but hey we had fun with it!
Drawing - We done none this week - Just got so busy with other things we didn't do none :(

This week Kyle done great on everything. He completed AAS level 2, which he was thrilled about! He is one lesson from finishing up MUS as well. Finished up his Ancient Egypt lapbook from HSS. This was something he enjoyed! We had talked about some of it in MOH so it wasn't all new to him. Overall this week was a really great week for Kyle. He also learned his Sign Language ABC's and numbers to 20. He is however upset that the class I paid for threw Currclick got canceled!!!! Very upset indeed! He has been learning sign language threw his therapy he was having however this is the first week since he was dismissed and he was a little sad but we did something special that day just for him.

She really done great this week on writing! She always struggles with this but she is really improving on her neatness. She still has 4 lessons to finish up on MUS. She is also looking very forward to our break after next week because she gets to go to her Granny Jewells house!! We completed Officer Buckle & Gloria LB this week and the kids learned a lot about safety. Everyday things that they can really apply! She is doing good with telling time but needs some more work on money.

He has been doing wonderful on everything this week. We have had lots of fun learning about rhymes and playing little games for this. He is still doing great with numbers. However I feel that we are going to have to work on his handwriting for them. Next week will be more relaxed than normal and I feel that we will have good time to work on writing ability. He can do it and he recognizes the numbers but when I ask him to write a certain number he has to pause for longer than I like. He is loving the intro level lesson to AAR. Can't wait for that to be released soon! Zac is needing a little more work on telling time, he gets the hands confused. He also finished his Officer Gloria & Buckle LB this week. I got tickled at him while Lexi was climbing on the counter to get a bowl down out of the cabinet... He yelled at her and said that is not safe remember officer buckle! LOL hey you never really know if they actually listen!!!!! But I think they do!!!!

Officer Buckle & Gloria Pics!

Last but not least.... Our Bird Study we are doing with our great friends on Tuesday!


Lexi said she was an "egg-head" get it!!!!!! LOL

Aren't the bird masks just so cute!!


  1. Love your blog, and what lovely kids!

  2. I'm a bit jealous of your year round schedule. It just doesn't work for us since my kids have gotten older, but I must whine a bit and say I want to take two weeks off soon! ;) Thanks for sharing your week--it sounds great.

  3. My son is almost done with AAS Level 2 also! I haven't bought LEVEL 3 yet. Looks like another fun week!


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