Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 24 ~ Break!!

weekly wrap-up
This is our last week for 2!!! We earn this 2 week break - That's for sure! After 8 weeks we love our 2 week break! The kids have worked really hard this 8 weeks and I am very proud of what they have completed!

This is our first "year round" year and also the first year using Workboxes and Man Oh Man can I tell a huge difference in our school!!

Completed: MUS & AAS Level 1 & 2.

The only thing I wasn't happy about was our President/Landmark Mini Study, I wanted to do more so this may be something we do for a few days until I get it finished during our break...((shhh dont tell the kids))

He completed many things last week so the only thing left for him on our "needed" subjects was his math, he has done wonderful with MUS this year and I am so very proud of everything he is mastering with this program. The mastery approach really is needed for him. He took a little longer this week to put the finishing touches on his Ancient Egypt LB he didn't really want to put it together last week so I told him since it was complete he could wait. Looks good I think! He is wanting to learn more ASL so I am on a search to find a local class since CurrClick had to cancel the online one. He done really well with his cursive this week, When we start back school I will start including some copywork for him.

She is a little sad for her break, the child would do school all year every day - yes even Saturday and Sunday. I actually have a small folder that I keep for her filled with little worksheets of all topics because she will grab some daily! Ex specially threw our break I make sure I have anything that she needed re-enforced on because sure enough she will grab her folder and do a few sheets everyday threw our break! I love her attitude! She is so pleasant. She loves to learn and she loves to read. She is still having a small problem with her money and so we will review that when our break is over. She finished AAS Level 2!! WOOHOO she done wonderful last week and this week with AAS, which it comes natural to her, she is just naturally a great speller and I think it comes from all the reading she does. She didn't finish MUS but it won't be long, after all there is no rush at all. I go at her pace not her at mine :)

Still learning all the sounds to the ABC, AAR comes out  next week so I can't wait to get him that because he really enjoys the sample lessons!! So do I. Zac completed his MUS Primer Friday! He really has nice handwriting but when I ask him to write certain things he is still having problems with that so that is something that is going to be top priority when school starts back! He has to get those in his head!! He enjoys pleasing me and I try to make sure he understands he is all the time but I think he knows I need this done better, so we are going to work on it more! He is doing great with time. We will review this when school starts back too!

Plans for our break?? NOPE!!!!!!!!
I have a trip planned to the Zoo and that's all. Its takes us 2.5 hours to get there and the kids are so excited!! We enjoy going every year and this years trip is a little sooner than other years.
We plan on visiting with my grandparents in Marion, we don't normally get a lot of time to do this so we try to on our breaks.

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  1. Have a fun break!
    Janet W


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