Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Week 21

weekly wrap-up
This week I done it a little different! I didn't post our Week 21 on Monday as normal. I thought I would wait and post everything together today!

Space Unit Study/Lapbook

Learned stars and we classified each other in order from size.

Kids had a blast placing us in order with our "names" on our chest... Have no clue why Kevin looks like that he is hilarious! When he sees this pic he will not think its funny though! LOL

Writing ~ Different copy work daily.
Draw Write Now ~ Started book 6! Land Animals!
Read Aloud is still ~ Mr.Poppers Penguins(finishing over the weekend)
Tuesday ~ Ground Hog Lapbook(ton of fun)

We had a lot of fun with this! Free lapbooks from homeschoolshare!

Memory Verse: Q - Quench not the spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:19

DNG Lewis & Clark -- FINISHED WOOHOO (he had a ton of fun with this! Even thought it took way longer than I planned for he learned a ton and really enjoyed it. That's all I could ask for!)

MUS 26T, 27 - 27T
AAS Level 2 Step
MOH ~ Lessons Quarter Review, Review of Flashcards.(hopefully after this review since the 2 smallers are no longer doing this with Kyle, we will be able to move faster)
Working on cursive.(he wrote an entire letter in cursive to his pen pal!! I was so very proud! It looked really good too)
Contraction Review
Independent reading ~ Space Books!


MUS 24 - T
Synonyms & Antonyms(is doing great with this)
Writing Sentences, working on capitalization and punctuation.(still having trouble with this)
Main Ideas(she is enjoying this)
ABC Order
AAS Level 2 Steps
Different independent reading daily mainly on the topic of Space!


Letter of the week is Qq(done really well with this one!)
Color of the week is Orange
Number of the week is 13
Shape of the week is Diamond
Working on numbers from 0 - 100
Recognitionon on numbers has improved greatly this week!!!
Zac has improved and finally gotten the hand of counting by 5's!!! MUS this week had a wonderful activity for the clock for counting by 5's, that made it click for him!! I am very thankful!
MUS ~ 26
AAS Level 1 ~ Step 1
Working on Sounds (has beginning sounds ws)

Zac & Alexis finised Curious George Unit Study from HSS today as well, we learned what kind of monkey George is, where he came from and some other cute things that is related to the book you read. We are going to make banana bread tomorrow!


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weekly wrap-up
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  1. GREAT lapbooks! Isn't Homeschool Share an awesome resource?! And free! My youngest has done multiple lapbooks this year!


  2. We are studying space too. Taking one week for each planet. We are learning so much Looks like a busy week. Thanks for linking up with the NOBH and stopping by from workboxes:)

  3. Looks like another fun and productive week! Thanks for sharing this on NOBH!

  4. I'm a little late reading wrap-ups this week. Sounds like you really got a lot done. I love the Curious George puppets!
    Janet W


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