Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week's Menu Feb 7 - 13

I have always planned meals because it helps save money in this house! However I have never thought about sharing it but maybe someone will get some ideas!! Everyone needs new ideas when it comes to cooking every once in a while! I enjoy cooking for my family. Many meals are prepared daily in my small country kitchen but I wouldn't have it any other way! This is all my Supper Meals for the week!

Monday ~ Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. I didn't have to buy anything for this meal because we raise our own meat, the potatoes and green beans came out of the garden this spring/summer.

Tuesday ~ Hot Dogs & French Fries.(Kevin is not home for supper this night and I have to rush in from Gymnastics to work)

Wednesday ~ Chicken Tenders & Mixed Veggies.(Kevin not home for supper this night and I have to rush from therapy to basketball practice so its something fast)

Thursday ~ Lasagna, potatoes, corn and garlic bread. I only had to buy noodles and cheese!! I also bought sauce because I like it better than what I made lol!!

Friday ~ Taco Soup & Mexican Cornbread. Bought black beans, red beans, chili and ranch seasoning.

Saturday ~ Shrimp & Fish Night. Fries, Onion Rings & Hush puppies.

Sunday ~ Chicken & Dumplings. Didn't have to buy anything for this. However I like to add a can of cream chicken to my stock because it gives it a nice flavor!



  1. I started doing a Menu Planning Monday post. It helps me keep on track with planning my meals. Lasagna sounds yummy!

  2. Thanks for sharing :) We can all use new ideas! I WISH I could garden, not too sure about raising our own animals though. lol

  3. How AWESOME that you're able to raise your own beef and have a large garden! We only have enough room for a small garden which we eat off of a bit in the summer. SO nice to have FRESH stuff! I don't plan specific meals for each day, but I have a list of meals that I have all the ingredients ready for. We just choose one in the morning.


  4. I like to plan my menus out each week so that it's one less thing I have to think about during the week! Your menu sounds yummy ! Thanks for sharing on NOBH!

  5. Good menu planning, I am horrible at that. I can never decide and it doesn't help that I often forget to take the meat out of the freezer. How cool is it to raise your own meat. Who butchers it for you? I couldn't do that:)

  6. Thanks girls -- We dont kill the cow or pig ourself, we take to the local plant and they do so for us, pkg it and everything. The chickens we actually do ourself. They are not hard and I know some of you may not understand this, but the meat is so much healthier for you than what you buy in the store and its not as costly as you would think!!

    Hope you post some of your meal ideas so I can get some new ideas too!!


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