Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wonderful FREE Homeschool Resources

I have always compiled a list of free homeschool resources. I spend a lot of money on our kids homeschool items but sometimes you need to follow a different path, when its that time for me I need some freebies! I also love freebies because you can find some really wonderful items out there!! Here is a personal list of my favorite sites that are freebies!

Enchanted Learning(some of this is free and the membership is $20 - I highly recommend this, we use it daily just about!)
Lesson Pathways(just found this one thanks to a friend)
Guest Hollow (I haven't used them yet but I have them on my list for the near future!)
Free Montessori
A to Z teacher stuff
Almanac 4 Kids Question & Answer of the Day
Last but not least Curr Click if you will go to the home page and then click freebies, you will find all kinds and it changes by the week!

Hope you enjoy some of my resources, I am sure I have forgotten some and I might add this to my pages tab up top and add to it as time goes! So leave comments with some of your wonderful freebie sites!! Who knows what we all can come up with!

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