Monday, March 14, 2011

3rd 8 Week Plan

Today was our first day back so here is what we will be learning this 8 week period!!

So this is our 3rd 8 Weeks, meaning we have completed 120 school days. This year has been so different, using the workbox system  has truly changed and saved our homeschool. I can't go on and on about this enough... I have several times so just search workbox system on my blog :)

Ok... our large study this 8 weeks is GEOLOGY.... We are incorporating Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcano's into this as well. I have rocks and minerals coming from Dragon Mountain Treasures. This lesson will have lots of hands on activities, which is something I have been needing more of, so I pray that I do this well because as I have posted many times this is a downfall of mine!

Kyle will be studying the following lapbooks this next 8 weeks:
American Indians
Life in Colonial America
Grand Canyon

Lexi and Zac will be studying the following the next 8 weeks:
Aesop's Fables
Johnny Appleseed
Months of the Year
Growing Vegetable Soup
Stone Soup
The Grouchy Ladybug
Pirates(Ahoy Matey)

Above is only Lapbook/Unit Study Plans.

Math U See is complete so we will be supplementing with some samples from Math Mammoth to see if that is a good fit, we will continue to use MUS just trying something new since we completed it for the year.

All About Spelling Level 3 is new to us starting back. Lexi and Kyle will be doing Level 3, Zac is still on Level 1.

All About Homophones will be started since we are starting Level 3 as well. Zac will not do this.

All About Reading is new to Zac!!! I haven't even gotten in the mail yet - however I should have by Monday!! I can't wait for this, the sneak lessons he loved!! Begged for, so I just can't wait to get started on this with him!!

History - I do not feel that I need to continue with Mystery of History right now, however with all the topics in Kyle's Lapbooks he is getting a large varitey. Zac and Lexi are still small enough to not need any. However Lexi loves anything to do with the presidents and reads biographies on them almost daily.

Writing - I will be working with each on copywork starting this 8 weeks. Zachary is going to be working more so on me saying something and him being able to write it(abc's and #'s). The 2 olders are going to be working on neatness.



  1. Hi Kayla, I so admire homeschooling moms!

  2. your plan. I should write ours down. But so far it's just in my head...probably not the safest place for it to be!

    I am looking forward to seeing their finished lapbooks.


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